Victory in the Water Wars, indigenous struggles and more…

2 Aug

The UN has finally declared water and sanitation to be human rights!

New studies show that biofuels are environmentally damaging, and do not help the environment as the corporations claim.

Great analysis here about the not-so-surprising series of environmental disasters that have struck this year.

Thanks to Catalonian animal rights activists, bull-fighting is now illegal in the North-Eastern province of Spain.

According to this article, rainwater collection is now illegal in many states.

Food not Bombs has announced their The Change we Knead Now! tour. Contact them to schedule a date in a place near you!

A historic prayer ceremony was held on the Eel River by the Round Valley Tribes of Covelo and Friends of the Eel River (FOER). The Eel River has been devastated by salmon fisheries, and according to a press release, “(the Eel River Prayer Ceremony and Summit) was the first time in 100 years, since traditional spiritual ceremonies were banned among tribal governments, where members of the Round Valley Tribes of Covelo; and their spiritual leaders and tribal dancers, guided a sacred prayer ceremony for the relief of the long-suffering Eel River.”

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