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COP-16 in Cancún: Day 1

30 Nov

Entering the city of Cancún—site of the United Nations Framework on Climate Change’s sixteenth Conference of Parties (COP-16), which began today—one is struck immediately by the number of ‘areas de revision’—checkpoints, effectively—maintained by the Mexican police, with the support of the Mexican military. The checkpoints on the highway leading north from the coastal Yucatan cities of Playa del Carmen, Tulum, and Chetumal, like their counterparts throughout Cancún itself, seem for the most part to be mere formalities: drivers are asked to slow down but not stop and are then subsequently hailed on.
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Indigenous Peoples in Latin America Unite Against Mining

30 Nov

Indigenous Peoples from across Latin America have issued a unified declaration demanding an end to large-scale surface mining by transnational companies on indigenous peoples’ lands. “We state emphatically: no to mining, yes to life,” they declared.
The Lima Declaration calls for governments to revoke mining titles and concessions granted without proper consultation of Indigenous Peoples.
“This is a significant step forward in the process of building proposals from Indigenous Peoples and social movements against mining impacts, extraction by transnational companies, and the climate crisis,” said indigenous leader Miguel Palacin Quispe, general coordinator of the Andean Coordinating Committee of Indigenous Organizations.
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Wikileaks Exposes Cold War-style Diplomacy Over Nukes

29 Nov

The US along with Saudi Arabia and Israel have been pressing hard to halt Iran’s nuclear power program, they say, in fear of nuclear weapons. According to one cable, “King Hamad pointed to Iran as the source of much of the trouble in both Iraq and Afghanistan. He argued forcefully for taking action to terminate their nuclear program, by whatever means necessary. ‘That program must be stopped,’ he said. ‘The danger of letting it go on is greater than the danger of stopping it.'” Meanwhile, the US is bartering with Pakistan on transportation of enriched uranium as China and Russia seem to protect the interests of Iran, and the US itself debates whether or not to extend its nuclear disarmament treaty with Russia in the midst of North Korea’s bombing of South Korean territory.
In the ’50s, the US was in a nuclear arms race with Russia while China backed the North Korean assault on South Korea, and the US destabilized the democratically elected government of Iran (Mosaddegh) while undermining democracy throughout the Middle East in favor of oil interests.
Not much seems to have changed.
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Huge Victory For the Sea Lions!

29 Nov

After a year of deliberation, the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals has ruled to block the National Marine Fisheries Service’s killing of federally protected sea lions on the Columbia River between Oregon and Washington. In Defense of Animals (IDA) and the Sea Lion Defense Brigade (SLDB) have campaigned against the state-sanctioned sea lion killing for more than three years, and congratulate the prevailing plaintiffs, The Humane Society of the United States, Wild Fish Conservancy and two private citizens.

Dispatch from EF! Italia

28 Nov

The protest (against the expansion of an enormous garbage dump near Naples) continues with road blocks near the landfill site.
Waste collection is still broken, and the people set fire to rubbish bins—while all this happens in Terzigno, the landfill is closed, but government wants to open others. The government says the situation is resolved, even if everyone sees that is not true on the news and there aren’t any regions that want Naples’s rubbish.
Nessun Compromesso in Difesa di Madre Terra!
— EF! Padova

EF! Roma is starting a campaign to stop urban sprawl on November 30, consisting of:
1) Publication of the dossier, “STOP E…SPANSIONE URBANA” about consumption of territory.
2) Protesting against construction that encroaches on surrounding environment.
3) Direct action in resistance to the sprawl.
ROME invites you to give their moral and economic support to the campaign against the building and urban expansion which kicks off on Tuesday 30 November 2010.
Always committed to the preservation of free land, in the defense of natural ecosystems and in the struggle against building speculators and profiteers, WE NEED YOUR HELP.
— EF! Roma

Tar Sands Resistance Summit a Success

27 Nov

The inaugural International Tar Sands Resistance Summit wrapped up near Missoula last Monday, November 22, with a packed house at the Missoula City Council meeting. As the first true snowstorm of the season coated the street outside, inside the council was voting unanimously to double the cost of hauling oversize loads through the city in reaction to community backlash against plans by oil sands companies to route equipment through Missoula. Click here for more.

Animal Rights Militia Liberates 20 Turkeys

27 Nov

During the early morning hours of November 14th, members of VT ARM liberated 20 turkeys that had been wrongly separated from the wild and cruelly forced into a small pen without shelter. According to a communique,
“We will use whatever means necessary to liberate animals, prevent cruelty and punish those who commit acts of cruelty. To the Bushway criminals, Happy Thanksgiving.”
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