Counterprotesters say “Earth First! is Mean not Green”

20 Dec

Several protesters stood in the rain outside of the open house at the Earth First! Journal's new office last night to make the harsh claims that "Earth First! = Anarchism" and is "Mean not Green". The protesters are mostly involved in the local Lake Worth, Florida, Chamber of Commerce, the Businesses Aligned for Change Political Action Committee (BAC PAC) and other organizations involved in development and real estate interests. Representing the "Sahara Club" and the "Fur Commission", Cathy Casella, John and Carol Pickett, Mary Lindsey, Mark Parilla and Karri Casper held "anti-welcome" signs and other placards insisting that "EF! Pollutes the Environmental Movement," but they didn't really chant, sort of just stood there quietly, and seemed bemused when offered subscriptions at cut rate prices. Inside things went well; over the course of the evening, fifty to seventy people showed up to participate in a raffle, the unveiling of a special banner from the Beehive Collective as well as live music, hot food and great company.

One Response to “Counterprotesters say “Earth First! is Mean not Green””

  1. Kid Cutbank December 20, 2010 at 1:00 pm #

    Huh, how interesting. I was going to say sorry this happened at first, but really it seems more confusing and funny than a bad thing.

    Maybe i missed something, but are these people “mainstream” environmentalists who are unhappy with direct action or anti-environmentalists who are unhappy with any old “tree-hugger”?

    Anyways, congratulations on your opening night and i wish the best to you all in the new location!

    La Rage,
    kid cutbank.

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