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Daniel McGowan Moved Back to CMU

27 Feb

We are writing with some bad news. Daniel was moved back into a CMU this week, this time at Terre Haute. We aren’t really sure why at this time, but we are sure we will fight the move. Daniel’s holding up as well as can be expected. He’s stressed out, of course, and he would appreciate your letters, especially at this time. Please write him at:

Daniel McGowan #63794-053
FCI Terre Haute – CMU
Post Office Box 33
Terre Haute, Indiana 47408

We know people will have a lot of questions about this. We do, too. At this moment, we don’t have any answers. We will update you again as soon as we do.

For updates and ways to help, visit

Coal Committee Shut Down by Green Action

27 Feb

On Tuesday at about 11:10 a.m., only ten minutes into the Coal Policy Committee’s meeting, students from Washington University’s Green Action group and activists from Climate Action St. Louis unfurled a banner declaring “Coal is Never Clean” and sang “Clean coal is a dirty lie.” As a member of Green Action, I took pictures to document the members of the St. Louis community standing up for what they believe in. The National Coal Council meeting stalled as the police escorted us out of the building. The committee then canceled their meeting early, had lunch, and disbanded. click here for more.

Mysterious Baby Dolphin Deaths in Gulf of Mexico

26 Feb

An alarmingly high number of dead baby dolphins are being looked at as possible casualties of oil that fouled the Gulf of Mexico after a BP drilling platform exploded in April 2010, killing 11 workers and rupturing a wellhead on the sea floor. click here for more.

Two Arrested in Tucson Protest

25 Feb

Protesters who locked-down at Border Patrol headquarters in Tucson were in court on Wednesday. In the streets, two more protesters were arrested as O’odham and others demanded an end to border militarization, racist laws in Arizona and the US government’s reign of here for more.

March in Support of Food Not Bombs Ft. Lauderdale

24 Feb

An unwarranted Fort Lauderdale Police Department raid at a collective house leased by local Food Not Bombs members has raised the latest wave of official intimidation against the homeless community and its advocates to near tsunami levels. The raid, during which police kicked in an unlocked door and allegedly groped a female guest, appears to have been politically motivated as tenants and guests were barraged with insinuations of affiliation with black bloc anarchism and queried as to whether the residence was “a militant training camp,” and whether guests were “terrorists”. On Friday, Feb. 25, 4:30pm, a rally against police intimidation will commence at FLPD headquarters, 1300 W. Broward Blvd., Fort Lauderdale, Florida, followed by a march east to Stranahan Park, 10 E. Broward Blvd., at which Food Not Bombs weekly Friday serving of the homeless will proceed as usual. The servings have occurred weekly almost without exception for 4 ½ years. click here for more.

Violence and Landfills in Keratea, Greece

23 Feb

Things are heating up in Greece over a government landfill. Police brutality has caused serious issues with local communities who are resisting the landfill. click here for more info

For more info on eco-resistance in Greece check out recent EF! Journal article An Image From the Future of Revolutionary Ecology: Greek Insurrection and the Eco-War to Come

Or if you prefer to read it in Greek…

Donate today to the Earth First! Journal

22 Feb

From spending time in the ongoing Florida treesit to putting the finishing touches on layout, the Journal crew is hard at work promoting deep ecology, biodiversity and biocentric life.
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600 Protest Anti-Environment Legislation in Montana

22 Feb

An estimated 600 people from throughout Montana rallied at the state Capitol at noon Monday to show their anger with legislative proposals that they believe would harm the environment. click here for more.

MTR Activity Continues on Umpermitted Territory

21 Feb

Although Spruce No. 1 mountaintop removal mine was vetoed by the EPA, the order exempted Seng Camp Creek, which is now a site of major MTR activity. According to the EPA, this is completely legal. More updates to come.

Logging Truck Blockaded in Australia

21 Feb

Police have arrested a protester who had chained herself under a log truck at Hobart’s wharf. The truck carrying export logs for China was stopped in Evans Street by around 25 protestors carrying banners. click here for more.