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Call out from the Canopy Occupation (Briger Forest, FL)

18 Feb

On Monday, February 14th, a tree sit and canopy occupation kicked off in a 650 acre pine and saw palmetto forest, known as the Briger tract, in South Florida. The goal of the occupation is to block the fast approaching destruction of the forest and the construction of what state officials and developers have called a biotech city.
The Scripps biotech corporation is connected to Novartis, Monsanto, Primate Products, Phillip Morris, Kraft Foods and the Scripps Media conglomeration. Another Scripps campus in La Jolla, California has been cited several times for abusive experiments on a variety of animals. Scripps Florida is currently engaged in research which involves horrendous experiments on living macaque monkeys.
Linking forest defense with direct action against vivisection, urban sprawl, and the corporate ownership of life, the Briger occupation is under way and in need of physical, financial, and spiritual support. We are requesting care packages and letters addressed to the tree sitters as well as phone calls to the mayor of the city of Palm Beach Gardens and solidarity actions at the California campus.
The Briger forest is home and a staging ground to endangered and threatened species and habitat including gopher tortoise, bald eagles, giant wild pine bromeliads, hand ferns, royal ferns, ground lichens, and upland scrub pines. It is a medicinal forest of saw palmetto, pennyroyal, and cabbage palm. Armadillos and racoons scurry through the thick and razorous underbrush in abundance.
The Briger forest is completely surrounded by sub/urban development, a university campus, and the current Scripps Florida facilities. It is one of the last remaining forests of its kind in the metropolitan corridor of South Florida. This fact has caused many environmentalists to write the forest off as dead. Such miserabalist surrender is not an option. We occupy the forest in defense of all life.

Sincerely and with Love,
Everglades Earth First!

Please make checks payable to Everglades Earth First!
All mail may be sent to:
PO Box 964
Lake Worth, FL 33460

Coal Companies and their Private Security Goons

17 Feb

The energy giant E.ON, Britain’s second-biggest coal producer Scottish Resources Group and Scottish Power, one of the UK’s largest electricity-generators, have been paying for the services of a private security firm that has been secretly monitoring activists. click here for more

Message from Black Mesa Indigenous Support

16 Feb

During the 2010 Caravan on Black Mesa we listened to the Elders and second generation resisters and we came up with a few action plans. In terms of a letter writing campaign, we are in the process of researching and asking for direction from Indigenous led organizations. In the mean time are working on two projects: one, we are looking to raise funds and awareness for two different events. First is an event that would support Elders and second generation resisters from Black Mesa to travel to the UN to speak at the UN Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues (UNFPII). The other event would support Second generation resisters of relocation and large scale coal mining from Black Mesa to travel to Virginia to have a solidarity exchange with Mountain Justice activists and organizers also struggling against large scale coal mining. The Mountain Justice crew is also planning on attending the UNFPII. click here for more.

Sea Shepherd Kicks Japanese Whaling Fleet Out of the Antarctic

16 Feb

The Japanese whaling fleet is heading eastward at full speed and is now east of the boundary for their whaling grounds. The eastern boundary of the Japanese whaling operations is 145 degrees west. The whaling ships and the two Sea Shepherd ships are now at 72 degrees south and 133 degrees west on a course of 145 degrees. With the Bob Barker and the Gojira in pursuit, the Nisshin Maru continues to head eastward at 14 knots. click here for Seashepherd’s report. click here for more from BBC.

Update on Scott DeMuth and why he needs a letter from you!

16 Feb

We were able to hear from Scott earlier this evening and have some updates on his situation to share with you. After he was booked last night, he was put into a holding cell with 12 other people but only 2 beds. He was stuck there until about 6pm today, when he was finally moved to a temporary housing unit. Now he’s sharing a cell area with about 4 other people and has his own bed.
He doesn’t think he’ll be able to go to the library because he’s in a temporary housing unit. He also doesn’t think he’ll be able to access his commissary account until Tuesday, Feb. 22 to buy paper, pens and envelopes.
Since we can’t send him books and he can’t go to the library, our letters are especially important. If you haven’t already, please take a moment to write him a note of support. You can send letters to him at:
Scott DeMuth
Polk County Jail
1985 – NE 51st Place
Des Moines, IA 50313-2517
Remember the mail restrictions: All mail must have the sender’s full name and return address on the envelope (no PO Boxes) or it will get rejected. No books, periodicals or packages are allowed.
Since Scott in only allowed 5 photos, please do not send him any. His family will be sending him some soon.
In solidarity,
the Scott and Carrie Support Committee (SCSC)

New Documents Reveal Shocking Animal Experiments

16 Feb

Previously unseen research papers, which were anonymously sent to the Stop Huntingdon Animal Cruelty (SHAC) campaign at the start of 2011, have shed new light on shocking experiments carried out by controversial testing laboratory Huntingdon Life Sciences. click here for more.

In other news, the tree sit against the clearcutting of endangered forest for a “biotech city” in South Florida is entering its third day. There is also a vigil outside of the SCRIPPs biotech institute in support of the tree sit that has been going non-stop for the last 48 hours. click here for more.

Chevron Found Guilty in Landmark Trial

15 Feb

Plaintiffs gathered in Quito after oil giant Chevron was found guilty yesterday of massive environmental contamination in the Ecuadorian Amazon and was ordered to pay $9 billion in fines in one of the largest environmental damages awards on record. The ruling comes after more than 17 years of litigation brought by thousands of indigenous peoples and farmers still living amidst deadly contamination in the northeastern Amazon region of Ecuador. click here for more.

Scott Demuth Sentenced to Six Months

15 Feb

This afternoon, family, friends and supporters gathered to show support for Scott DeMuth as he was sentenced in federal court in Davenport, Iowa. Scott was sentenced to six months imprisonment, and taken immediately into custody. We will be posting information on how to send him mail as soon as his location is confirmed. Scott pleaded guilty in September to conspiracy to commit animal enterprise terrorism in violation of the Animal Enterprise Protection Act–a misdemeanor–for an animal liberation that took place in Minnesota in 2006. click here for more.

First Ever Florida Treesit

15 Feb

Everglades Earth First! activists Russ McSpadden and Rachel Kijewski took the issue of endangered species protection to new heights today! They are suspended 30 feet up in the air to protest the plans for development of the “FAU/Scripps Biotech City” on the Briger Forest–the last living forest in Palm Beach County. click here

Animal Liberation Initiative and Rhythms of Resistance take action against circus and dam in Turkey

14 Feb

In their own words: “Animal Liberation Initiative and Rhythms of Resistance Istanbul was in front of Medrano Circus in Istanbul to protest the cruelty and animal abuse. While the protesters were going in front of the gate of the circus, the employees attacked to protesters. The protesters who counteracted to employees, increased the slogans and the rhythms and decided not to go away from the circus. They continued to expose the cruelty to animals in circuses.

In the action, the protesters who carried the banner “Animal circuses are not entertainment, it’s cruelty. Human Liberation, Animal Liberation, Earth Liberation” and black / black-green flags, shouted these slogans: “Don’t go to circuses, block the cruelty”, “Close the circuses, release the animals”, “Murderer Medrano, get out the planet”, “Direct action to the cruelty”.

When the protesters dumped tens of liters red paint for to draw attention the cruelty and persecution in circuses, the employees of Medrano attacked to protesters again. The policemen was unresponsive to this violence as always. A few protesters were pushed in to the circus area by employees forcibly and they beated the protesters in the circus area. The activists read a press relase about the cruelty in circuses. Furthermore, in the action, a few protesters masqueraded as pregnant for to protest the policemen attacked to a pregnant student woman and killed her foetus. They carried a placard: I’m pregnant and on action. While the press release was reading, a few employees throwed to protesters red paint by a whisk. The protesters wrote the slogans on the wall of the circus area, cages and trucks and demolished the pancarte and advertisements of Medrano circus.

After the action, the protesters went to solidarity with other protesters who sat in for 4 days in front of an energy company who wants to build a hydro-electric power station in different villages of Turkey.”

Contact Animal Liberation Initiative – Istanbul / Turkey: hayvanozgurluguinisiyatifi [at] ————————————————–

You can look at the links for details and photos of the actions in Turkish: