Reclaim The Fields Camp 2011, Romania

15 Sep

From September 21-30 the group Reclaim the Fields will meet in  Rosia Montana, Romania for their third annual gathering.

“Food, land, seed, water and indigenous knowledge are too important to be commodified or centralised in the well-known capitalist way. We resist the logic of making profit of our ways of life. We are working on and already practicing a consensual way of peasant life and alternative ways of living and farming together. Therefore we Reclaim the Fields!

We declare our solidarity with the people in Rosia Montana who have defended their land for 10 years against criminal corporate land grabbing, robbery and exploitation. Rosia Montana is a village in the Apuseni Mountains in Romania, under threat of being destroyed by a gold mining project in the name of profit.

We want to create a common space together _ share experiences and realities _ exchange skills and knowledge _ make the movement grow _ put our energies together _ reinforce local movements and struggles _ find the links between each other and other anti-capitalist and anti-colonialist movements_ celebrate our struggles together.”

To read more click here

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