Hey Dirty South! Are GE “Forests” Coming Your Way?

26 Sep

Much of the US  South (N. and S. Carolina, Georgia, Alabama, Louisiana and Florida) are home to test plots of genetically engineered eucalyptus trees which ArborGen, a GE tree developer, hopes one day will supplant the South’s pine silvaculture industry.

Click here for a map of GE eucalyptus test plots (exact locations are proprietary to ArborGen for fear of slash and burn protests)

The Global Ecology Justice Project and the Center for Biological Diversity have filed a lawsuit against the USDA for violations to the Endangered Species Act. The hearing is set to take place in Miami sometime before the end of the year (date to be announced).

By the way  Dirty South, if you know where these test plots are more specifically (as in an exact location) we’d love to publish that information for all to see.

One Response to “Hey Dirty South! Are GE “Forests” Coming Your Way?”


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