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Indigenous Peoples Protest Mining in Ecuador

23 Mar

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More than 1,000 indigenous protesters reached Ecuador’s capital Thursday after a two-week march from the Amazon to oppose plans for large-scale mining on their lands.

The protesters were joined by thousands of anti-government protesters in Quito, and some of the demonstrators clashed with police outside the National Assembly. Police repelled rock-throwing young men using tear gas and charging at the demonstrators on horseback.

Police said at least four officers suffered minor injuries in the violence.

The indigenous protesters were joined by students, activists and government opponents who criticized President Rafael Correa for signing off on plans for mining projects including open pit mines that are to extract copper and other minerals from the traditional lands of the Shuar Indians in southern Ecuador.

Historic Action at Vermont Yankee Headquarters, 130 Arrested

23 Mar

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A 93-year-old anti-nuclear activist was among more than 130 protesters arrested at the corporate headquarters of the Vermont Yankee nuclear power plant Thursday, the first day of the plant’s operation after the expiration of its 40-year license.

Frances Crowe, of Northampton, Mass., said she wants Vermont Yankee to cease operations because she feels it’s a threat to the people who live nearby.

“As I was walking down, all I could think of was Fukushima and the suffering of all the people, and I don’t want that to happen to New England,’’ said Crowe in referring to the Japanese nuclear reactor damaged last year after an earthquake and tsunami.

When asked how many times she’d been arrested, she answered: “Not enough.’’

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Chevron CEO’s Criminally Charged For Oil Spill

23 Mar


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Brazilian prosecutors have filed charges against 17 executives from oil giant Chevron and the rig operator Transocean in connection with a recent deepwater oil spill. George Buck, Head of Chevron’s Brazil operations faces up to 31 years in jail. Some 110,000 gallons of oil leaked off the shore of Rio de Janeiro in November. Last week, Brazil announced more oil was leaking from cracks on the ocean floor near the off-shore Chevron well. The executives are accused of a number of environmental crimes, as well as deceiving Brazilian officials after the spill.

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Hsinchu magistrate protests river pollution

22 Mar

At a public hearing held at the Legislative Yuan yesterday afternoon, Hsinpu Township Council Speaker Wang Tseng-chi, left and wearing a headband, takes a cup of water collected from a polluted river at his home town in Hsinchu County, and challenges Minister Shen Shu-hung, front right, of the Environmental Protection Administration to drink the water.

The China Post news staff–Hsinchu County Magistrate Chiu Ching-chun  yesterday led county residents in a protest at the Legislative Yuan in Taipei against the pollution of the water source of Hsinpu Township, and called for the central government to do something about it.

The protest was mainly triggered by the fact that the Cabinet-level Environmental Protection Administration (EPA) suddenly reversed a decision which would have required two manufacturing plants — Chunghwa Picture Tubes Ltd. (CPT) and AU Optronics Corp. (AUO) — located in Longtan Township of Taoyuan County to release their waste water into rivers in Taoyuan County, instead of Hsinchu County.

The protesters called for the Legislative Yuan to help return justice to county residents by asking the EPA to stop the two high-tech firms from continuing polluting the river that supplies water to Hsinpu Township for drinking and irrigation purposes.

CPT and AUO have for 10 years released industrial waste water to Hsiaoli River in Hsinpu Township, a reservation area.

At the rally in front of the county government earlier yesterday morning, protesters wore headbands that read “Refuse to Drink Toxic Water” and shouted slogans that pledged their determination to stop CPT and AUO from polluting their drinking water source.

Magistrate Chiu said yesterday that EPA Minister Shen Shih-hung told lawmakers on March 19 that if AUO and CPT fail to find another waste water drainage location by the end of the month, their plants should be shut down.

“But we received on March 20 an official notice from the EPA declaring that Hsiaoli River will no longer serve as a source of drinking water, and that Hsinchu County residents should go upstream to where Hsiaoli and Fengshan rivers merge,” Chiu cited the EPA notice as saying.

He accused the central government of “legalizing a controversial measure” by permitting the two companies to keep polluting the river, damaging the health of local residents and imposing on the rights of local farmers to irrigate their crops with clean water.

The EPA notice to the county government reflected a Ministry of Economic Affairs (MOEA) decision on March 13 that Hsiaoli River will no longer serve as a source of drinking water and advising local residents and farmers draw water upstream where the river merges with Fengshan River.

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Militant fisherfolk alliance demand compensation for Chervon oil spilled in Philippines

22 Mar

DAGUPAN CITY — The militant fisherfolk alliance Pambansang Lakas ng Kilusang Mamamalakaya ng Pilipinas (Pamalakaya) is pressuring La Union Governor Manuel Ortega to demand damage compensation for oil spilled affected fishermen in San Fernando City from Chevron Philippines, Inc.

Ortega recently called for an investigation after thousands of liters of oil leaked from the depot’s pipelines in February. In a press statement, Pamalakaya national chairperson Fernando Hicap welcomed the probe ordered by Ortega and the cease and desist order issued by the Environmental Management Bureau (EMB) against operators of oil depot at Poro Point.

But the fisherfolk leader said the aside from the environmental impact, local leaders and environment officials should also look into the economic impact of the oil spill to poor fisherfolk and other villagers sourcing their day-to-day livelihood Continue reading

Ecosexual Hike with Annie Sprinkle and Earth First!er Kim Marks

22 Mar

Annie Sprinkle, ecosexual extraordinaire

Annie Sprinkle and long time Earth First! activist, Kim Marks (who is also the owner of As You Like It sex shop), will be leading a hike in Oregon on Sunday, April 15th for what they’re calling an “ecosexy exploration of the Clackamas River!”

“…Find your e-spot by exploring the sensual side of nature, including the secret sexy life of plants. And, learn new ways to enjoy the Earth in your sex life. This hike will be funny, kinky, educational and full of ecosexy goodness.”

Along with the fame of being featured in the Earth First! Journal last year, Annie Sprinkle is also an internationally known multi-media artist whose work is often studied in History of Performance Art classes, gender studies and film studies at major Universities/Colleges. She has continuously toured one-woman theater performances about her life since 1989, such as Post Porn Modernist and Herstory of Porn. She was also one of the pivotal players in the 80’s “sex positive feminist movement,” and her art work has long championed sex education and equal rights. The film she produced and directed, The Sluts and Goddesses Video Workshop has played in well over 100 film festivals, at museums and galleries, including at the Guggenheim in NYC. Ms. Sprinkle became the first sex film star to successfully bridge into the world of art, and to earn a Ph.D., which she was awarded from the Institute for the Advanced Study of Human Sexuality Continue reading

“An Escalating Campaign Against Fossil Fuel Extraction Begins This April”

21 Mar

The largest industrial project on the face of the earth, Alberta, Canada’s Tar Sands (Photo originally posted here)

Occupy the Machine announces plan for actions on the Gulf Coast of Texas

The Occupy the Machine Coalition (OTM), born out of the newly-formed Deep Green Resistance network has called, has issued an Earth Day call to action “in honor of struggles against the extraction industry everywhere; in memory of the workers whose lives were taken by BP Two Years Ago,”

OTM has called for a festival of resistance and alternatives to the fossil fuel economy, in the shadow of the Houston Valero refinery, culminating in a refinery blockade on the dates of April 19th – 24th in Hartmann Park of the Manchester Neighborhood, Houston, Texas.

OTM says it chose the location because Keystone XL Pipeline will take oil from the Alberta Tar Sands, one of the most ecologically devastating projects on the face of the planet, to be refined by Valero and other companies in Houston. These refineries are surrounded by working-class neighborhoods throughout the Gulf, bringing cancer-causing toxins directly into their backyards. The majority of the Tar Sands oil processed in these refineries will be shipped overseas, ensuring that North American oil workers and those whose rights and lives have been uprooted by these companies won’t even see any long-term benefit for themselves.

Meanwhile, two years after the Deep Water Horizon explosion that killed 11 workers and devastated the communities of the Gulf, BP has had a record year of profits. BP has escaped justice yet again in its recent legal victory against the shrimpers and fishermen who they’ve put out of work and the families of the workers who died under their watch.

Valero Refinery, Houston, Texas (Photo by People's Freedom Caravan, 2007)

OTM, a coalition which includes area organizers, is inviting those who oppose the tar sands to build the power of our communities, amplify the voices of those most affected by companies like Valero, to blockade a refinery in the area. Friday, April 20th will be the beginning, with escalating blockades as necessary.

“Waves of support will be welcome and needed.”

Here’s how OTM’s call to action says you can participate:

“We need it all. There are as many levels of involvement and risk as there are individuals, affinity groups, and organizations willing to participate.

Not everyone will want to risk arrest by participating in the refinery blockade. That’s OK. However, many people are willing and able to take that risk. We appreciate all levels of commitment.

There will be room and plans for those who wish to cooperate with the police, and there will be room and plans for those who do not wish to cooperate with the police that wish to engage in jail solidarity tactics. Come prepared to tell us what you want to do Continue reading

New T-shirts supporting Marie Mason now available

20 Mar

Buy a shirt and support political prisoner Marie Mason! Printed on American Apparel Unisex shirts—Only $15. Order them online here

From Marie Mason’s Support Team:

Marie Mason is a loving mother of two and a long-time activist in the environmental and labor movements. In March 2008, she was arrested by federal authorities for charges related to two acts of property destruction that occurred in 1999 and 2000 – damaging an office connected to GMO (Genetically Modified Organism) research, and destroying a piece of logging equipment. No one was injured in either act. She faced a Life sentence before accepting a plea bargain in September 2008. For more info, check out

Major Huntingdon Life Sciences Document Leak

20 Mar

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Numerous Huntingdon Life Sciences internal documents have been leaked from inside HLS, putting their confidential client documents, experiments, invoices, unpaid bills, staff communications and even their secret alter-ego in the public domain. The documents reveal previously unknown suppliers and customers, as well as re-confirming existing ones – so please don’t hesitate to contact them by finding their details using the tabs on the left. These documents go to show that HLS are still full of holes – even people working within their own company hate them enough to dish the dirt on them!

>> HLS Secret Alter-Ego: “LSR Associates”

And if that isn’t enough, we can reveal that HLS have a secret alter ego. In a desperate attempt to shed their well-earned reputation of sloppy work and animal cruelty, HLS have dreamed up a new company – LSR Associates – which they operate under in the UK alongside HLS. So desperate for people not to put two and two together, they’ve not even published their full address which includes the word “Huntingdon”!

The reason? HLS want new clients to test their chemicals at their labs under a ‘new’ scheme brought about by an EU Directive, known as REACH. This directive demands that all existing substances (currently already in use by the population) be re-tested (see more info here). Knowing that potential new contracts lie on the line, HLS have concocted this cute little fake identity to groom the potential new customers by appearing as a respectable company. The testing phase for REACH substances finishes at the end of 2012, so it’s important to contact the REACH customers now and ask them not to use shabby HLS either directly or indirectly via LSR Associates. REACH customers are marked as such on the customers page.

To download the leaked documents, visit:

“Never Alone” Tour in April 2012 supports eco-prisoners Eric McDavid and Marie Mason

20 Mar

Sacramento Prisoner Support and the Marie Mason Support Crew Announce “Never Alone: National Long-Term Anarchist Prisoner Support Tour” in April 2012. Below is their call to get involved.

“It’s 2012. The world is ending. So what are we at Sacramento Prisoner Support and Marie Mason Support Crew gonna do? Go on an epic road trip to talk about prisoner support, of course! Because unless we actually make this the last year of their world, our comrades will still be in there the next.

The nationwide Never Alone tour will be crisscrossing the country in April 2012, featuring the usual suspects speaking about long-term anarchist prisoner support. Focusing specifically on the cases of Eric McDavid and Marie Mason, the tour will mark the spots where the events of these cases unfolded, using multimedia presentations to bring the facts of these cases to light.

As well as raising awareness and support for Eric and Marie, the tour will also feature: strategizing about how to more effectively grow a culture of resistance that can breach the prison walls and sustain us and our friends for the long term, a security culture beyond 101 workshop (updated for 2012, now with extra tech!) and some awesome guest speakers. Truly, you won’t want to miss this… Continue reading