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New Wyoming wolf plan would allow killing of hundreds of wolves

30 Apr

From the Center for Biological Diversity

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service announced today that Wyoming has passed legislation and an amendment to its wolf-management plan that will meet federal approval and trigger removal of Endangered Species Act protections for gray wolves in the state.

The new law and plan — to take effect later this year when wolves are removed from the federal endangered species list — increase the area of Wyoming where wolves would be designated “predators” and could be killed without limit; they also keep in place a “trophy game management area,” where hunting will be allowed to dramatically reduce wolf populations.

“Wyoming’s wolf-management plan is a recipe for wolf slaughter that will only serve to incite more of the prejudice against wolves that led to their destruction in the first place,” said Michael Robinson of the Center for Biological Diversity, which has been working for two decades to save and recover wolves throughout the West. “Removal of federal protections for wolves has been a disaster in Idaho and Montana and will be even worse in Wyoming.”

While wolves would remain fully protected within Yellowstone and Grand Teton national parks, elsewhere in Wyoming they would be subject to shooting, trapping and snaring, including 83 percent of the state where they will be considered “predators” and there will be no limits on their killing. The remaining portion of the state would be considered a “trophy game management area,” where killing wolves would be permitted, with the goal of reducing the population from approximately 29 packs to around 10.

“Along with the killing of wolves in Idaho and Montana, which had their protection taken away last year through a back-door congressional rider, this planned persecution of wolves in Wyoming could be devastating to the beautiful animals’ survival in the northern Rocky Mountains,” said Robinson. “Killing most of Wyoming’s wolves will hurt wolves in Colorado, too, where they’re only starting to return by way of Wyoming.”

Since wolf hunting and trapping seasons opened last fall, 378 wolves have been killed in Idaho, which has no cap on killing and several ongoing open seasons. An additional 166 wolves were killed in Montana, which has now closed its season. Contrary to promises, hunting and trapping have appeared to inflame anti-wolf sentiment, with comments and pictures appearing on the Internet that boast of wolf killing and call for more slaughter.

The Fish and Wildlife Service has reopened a two-week comment period, during which feedback is sought from the public before the agency finalizes the delisting rule.

In October 2011 the Obama administration announced finalization of an agreement between the Fish and Wildlife Service and Wyoming Gov. Matt Mead whereby the agency would remove wolves in Wyoming from the federal endangered species list and the state would only be required to keep alive 100 wolves or 10 breeding pairs outside Yellowstone and Grand Teton national parks (which together provide habitat for a few dozen wolves that would remain protected while in the parks).

After pups are born within the next few weeks, it is likely that more than 500 wolves will live outside the national parks in Wyoming. The state plan will allow their unregulated killing throughout most of the state.

The Center for Biological Diversity is a national, nonprofit conservation organization with more than 350,000 members and online activists dedicated to the protection of endangered species and wild places.

Beetles suspected in burning down two Canadian sawmills

30 Apr

A large fire burns down the Lakeland Mills sawmill in Prince George, B.C., on Tuesday April 24, 2012.

[EF! Newswire note: Seems fishy that industrial logging, climate change and corporate greed is not to blame for destroying its own mills and killing its own employees… In any case, there’s two less mills in the world. For now, we say bravo to the beetle.]

According  to News:

A tiny insect that has been devouring trees across British Columbia has emerged as the prime suspect in last Monday’s devastating explosion at a Prince George sawmill that killed two workers and left nine others in critical condition.

Investigators are still trying to determine the cause of the fatal blast, but lumber industry and union leaders said the government needs to take a closer look at the consequences of sawing wood ravaged by mountain pine beetles.

A beetle infestation makes timber very dry and brittle. When milled, the wood leaves behind a fine, highly combustible dust.

The explosion at Lakeland comes three months after a similar incident decimated Babine Forest Products sawmill in Burns Lake, killing two other people Continue reading

Celebrating May Day with the Rossport Solidarity Camp

28 Apr

May Day! Day of Solidarity & work weekend 4-7 May

Anyone feel like heading over to Ireland next week?

Along with plans for actions against Shell, the weekend includes a talk by an Earth First! Journal editor who will be visiting overseas. According to the Rossport Solidarity folks, you can ” Stop Shell, keep yer hands busy, and learn about environmental campaigns in the US- all in one weekend!

Hope to see you all there…

Eugene Po-Po Pick On Little Kids, Then Mace Moms

28 Apr

While CFD is out in the woods occupying the Goose timber sale, their friends in town are busy Occupying trees as well.  It seems like the local media mostly didn’t notice, so Eugene Occupy the Trees had a small march. It was called by some a “kids’ march”, and was indeed a family friendly event before some big, stinky police decided to mess with the kids…

[Occupier] Lotus says officers were trying to hand out stickers to some children, and that’s when the problems escalated.

“She said, ‘Don’t take that. Don’t give that to my son, and I don’t want you to have that. You’re not welcome here.’ And then he reached out to give him another sticker, and then she reached out and slap her son’s hand away and made contact with cop and so she hit his hand,” Lotus said.

The officer didn’t arrest the woman because of the large crowd, but then approached her a short time later to make an arrest.

“Another person interfered with that arrest and both were subsequently arrested. There was some physical resistance, and that’s when pepper spray was used,” [the Po] said.

“They took her and literally threw her on to the ground. Her girlfriend was pepper maced, and it was just a really overblown police response. The entire area was full of vehicles and the kids were there screaming,” Lotus said.

Seriously? Eugene Po-Po giving unwanted objects to kids and then macing their Moms in broad daylight. Why? Because they can get away with it in today’s Eugene, as well as widespread treatment of Occupiers like scum.

A.C.A.B. of course, but it’s notable that the Eugene Po have long been under the impression that street kids (or those who look like street kids) are not actually people.

They’ll get theirs.

Want to join the Cascadian Ecoinsurrection? Come out to the Cascadian Rondy, June 20th-24th.

P.S. Click here for some reports from Occupy the Trees in Tasmania.

Mexican indigenous community holds 14 police after killings

27 Apr

Inhabitants of an indigenous community in western Mexico detained 14 police officers and a local official after eight of their neighbors were killed by illegal loggers.

Thursday’s detention was the latest flare-up of tension between the community in Cheran, Michoacan state, illegal loggers, armed gangs and the police.

“They took our colleagues to punish us because supposedly we were not patrolling the area well,” said a state police officer, declining to give his name.

The state government was trying to reach a deal to free the detainees, he said.

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Protesters occupy UC Berkeley-owned farm in Albany

27 Apr

Members of Occupy Cal, along with other Occupy protesters from the Bay Area, marched from Berkeley to a UC Berkeley-owned farm in Albany on Sunday afternoon with plans to set up an Earth Day encampment.

After listening to speakers from various Occupy movements including Occupy San Francisco, Occupy Cal and Occupy Oakland, over 100 protesters marched from Ohlone Park to Gill Tract Farm in Albany at 1 p.m., according to UC Berkeley senior and Occupy Cal protester Navid Shaghaghi.

Protesters said they are tilling the land, pulling out weeds and planting seeds in an effort to thwart attempts by the UC to develop a Whole Foods Market, senior center and parking lot on the land, which is located near the campus-owned family housing complex University Village Continue reading

Can you tell real biotech nightmares from Hunger Games fiction?

26 Apr

Monkeywrench the Capitol! No Compromise! Make the Odds Be Ever in Our Favor!

A month ago, we here at the Earth First! Newswire exposed our nerdiness by publishing what some have called a hyperbolic claim that the Hunger Games trilogy could bring the eco-revolution. Well, we’re following up on that by re-posting a great quiz from our friend over at Food and Water Watch. Check it out:

Hunger Games? Or Real Life?

“Can you tell your real-life facts from Hunger Games fiction? In the arena, your life may depend on it. For each question, tell us whether it’s true in the Hunger Games books, or in real life… or both.”


Enbridge Oil Spill Whistle-Blower Trial Updates

25 Apr

 July 2010, more than a million gallons of tar sands crude spilled into Michigan’s Kalamazoo River. This is the largest inland spill in US History. A fired cleanup worker with a dark past claims he was ordered to cover up oil to meet federal deadlines. His case went to trial last week.

Even today two years later, one can still scoop up handfuls of Tar Sands Oil from the marshlands surrounding the river. The communities living around the river are still sick with nerve damage and other illnesses related to the chemicals diluting the Tar Sand Oil. Enbridge still claims the river is clean.

On Earth covers the story of the Enbridge spill, and its attempted cover up in a four part series. Click here for the full series.

New Zealand ‘Aotearoa is Not For Sale’ hikoi begins today

24 Apr

File image of a hikoi which marched to Parliament last year

A two-week long hikoi protesting against asset sales, privatisation, overseas land sales and the Transpacific Partnership Agreement (TPPA) will begin today in Cape Reinga.

The ‘Aotearoa is Not For Sale’ hikoi aims to reach Wellington on Friday, May 4, after stopping in several North Island towns.

Its progress through Auckland on Saturday will coincide with a public demonstration at Britomart on Queen St, which organisers expect over 10,000 people to attend.

The hikoi, which is open to everyone, “is about standing up and sending a clear message to the Government that we, our land, what’s under our land and what’s been built on our land, is not for sale”, organisers say.

Organisers have also criticised the Government’s consultation processes, saying they “don’t believe they have any integrity”, and say the majority of New Zealanders don’t support privatisation of the country’s assets, natural resources, land and public services.

Saturday’s demonstration is a “family-friendly march” which will assemble outside Britomart in central Auckland at 3pm, then march up Queen St to Aotea Square. It will be followed by speakers and musical entertainment.

A one-week series of activities and demonstrations will take place after the hikoi arrives in Wellington.

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Another article, with more quotes, can be found here

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ALEC is feeling the heat

23 Apr

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Last Tuesday, ALEC’s Director of External Relations, Caitlyn Korb, spoke at a Heritage Foundation “Bloggers Briefing” and begged conservative bloggers for assistance in promoting a “very aggressive campaign to really spread the word about what we actually do,” and although they may think their counter offensive will thwart exposure of ALEC’s assault on democracy, they are making a grave error that plays into the hands of their enemy; the American people. The Bloggers Briefing is a Heritage Foundation apparatus associated with the Koch Foundation and Cato Institute, and all three of the conservative think tanks are supporters and members of ALEC and profit from their template legislation to subvert environmental protections, voting rights, and pursue Draconian immigration laws and “kill at will” laws.

Now that Pandora’s Box is open and the dirty truth about ALEC is exposed, they are launching a public relations counter-offensive with a website called “I Stand with ALEC” and Korb begged conservative bloggers for “any and all institutional support.” Korb admitted that much of the political opposition emanates from social media and she noted such Twitter hastags as #ALECexposed and #dumpALEC that have “multiplied exponentially” in recent weeks. Korb told her conservative blogger audience that ”We’re getting absolutely killed in social media venues — Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, so any and all new media support you guys can provide would be so helpful, not just to us but to average people who don’t know much about this fight but are seeing us get really heavily attacked with very little opposition.” However, the attacks on ALEC cannot be opposed or defended with any legitimacy and as more Americans learn about the corporate hijacking of democracy, their anger will increase and this is the point that ALEC misses and it will be their undoing.

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