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23 Apr

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On Sunday April 22, in celebration of “Earth Defense Day” and in solidarity with Occupy the Trees, Cascadia Forest Defenders installed a tree sit in the Goose Project timber sale known as “Golden”.

We are occupying the Golden Goose in advance of the scheduled auction on Tuesday April 24th to draw attention to the Forest Service’s lack of transparency and reckless commitment to timber quotas. In response to a large community outcry, we are calling for the immediate withdrawal of the proposed sale and a moratorium on all logging operations on public forest in the McKenzie Bridge.

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Earth Day blockade at massive mine site in the Philipines

22 Apr

A big effigy of President Benigno Aquino III burns in Koranadal City Saturday, last year, December 10, 2011, where anti-mining protesters ended a five-day march to oppose the proposed open-pit mining of Sagitarrius Mines, Inc. on the boundaries of South Cotabato, Sultan Kudarat and Davao del Sur. Source: MindaNews, photo by Toto Lozano

Yesterday, vehicles blocked the way to the development site of the foreign-backed Sagittarius Mines Inc. (SMI) in Tampakan town, Philippines. But is unclear who exactly was behind these blockades.

For some weeks now, members of the B’laan tribe in Bong Mal have set up their own barricades against SMI, in protest of the mining firm’s plan to relocate them out of their ancestral lands.

Ryan Lariba, spokesman of Bagong Alyansang Makabayan in the Soccsksargen Region, tagged SMI and the military as behind the blockade of the solidarity mission caravan.

Lariba said some 500 people from the religious, indigenous peoples and militant groups were bound for Bong Mal to mark Earth Day on Sunday when vehicles stopped them in Barangay Pula Bato. The Tampakan project is touted as the largest known undeveloped copper-gold deposit in Southeast Asia Continue reading

Riots in Quebec Against Plan Nord

20 Apr

Riots struck today in Montreal as students and unions attacked a conference of business and political leaders discussing Plan Nord. While this is seen as part of an extended battle against tuition increases, the target picked by the thousands of protestors was deliberately chosen for its platform of industrial-capitalist development.

From the Financial Post

Plan Nord is the Liberal government’s development plan for its northern territory that is aiming to lead to $80-billion in investments and 20,000 in new or consolidated jobs annually over 25 years. The effort is being likened to Quebec’s massive development of the James Bay and La Manicouagan hydroelectric projects in the 1960s and 1970s.

Ian Lafrenière, spokesman for the Montreal Police, said eight people were arrested and two were hurt.

“This is no longer a peaceful demonstration,” he said, suggesting a group of radical demonstrators had joined students.

Mr. Charest inexplicably joked about the protest, alluding to the events outside only briefly in his speech.

“The [Plan Nord] represents a chance for job seekers,” he said to howls of laughter from the audience. “And so to those who knocked on our door this morning, we could offer them a job, in the North as much as possible.”

The Caisse has said it is interested in financing infrastructure development as part of the Plan Nord. It is currently working with Canadian National Railway Co. on an estimated $5-billion project to build a new 800-km railway stretching from Sept-Îles north past Shefferville into the Labrador Mining Trough. The partners need firm transport commitments from mining companies before they can proceed.

Students are protesting the government’s plan to raise tuition fees by $325 a year over five years. Even with the increases, the cost of education in Quebec will be among the lowest in the country.

“All The Way Alive!”

20 Apr

ELF Eco-prisoner speaks about support and her coming release

This block print was made by sadie while in prison, inspired by Coast Salish native art

The following letter from eco-prisoner Joyanna Zacher (“Sadie”) was sent to the Earth First! Journal in response to an effort at renewed correspondence after several years of non-communication, at her request.

Along with desire to share the value and insight she offered us here on the EF! Journal collective, we also decided to post her words and art on the EF! Newswire to encourage you all write letters of support to Sadie, who is on her home stretch from a 7-year prison sentence for ELF actions. On May 1st she will be released to a halfway house. Until then, send letters to:

Joyanna Zacher #36360-086, FCI Dublin, Federal Correctional Institution, 5701 8th Street, Camps Park, Unit F, Dublin, CA 94568


hello. thank you so much for writing. about a year ago i had actually wanted to see a journal again but no longer had an address to write in order to request one, so it was nice to hear from y’all. i haven’t received the brigid issue however and fear it may’ve been rejected as most decent publications tend to be, but i thank you for trying all the same, and who knows? maybe it’ll show up after all. although i have done my time pretty independently i still do feel a responsibility of sorts to stay a part of the movement that so inspired me at one point. i still have 3 years of probation where i have to be careful but i hope to become more involved in certain circles when i am truly free again Continue reading

Big Midwest Action Camp—This Weekend!

19 Apr

Well, it’s a busy weekend out there for eco-activists between attempting to re-radicalize Earth Day and attending the various gatherings around the US . But for those in the Midwest, this is something you may want to shuffle your plans to make it out for:

“Join area activists in a weekend of workshops, trainings, and fun this weekend at the historic Gosport Opera House in Gosport, Indiana. Happening just 30 minutes northwest of Bloomington, the Big M.A.C. will be a great opportunity to meet other folks from the region working on social and environmental justice, and learn from one another ways in which we can create the kind of world we all want to live in Continue reading

Earth First! Journal Too Popular for Facebook

18 Apr

The Earth First! Journal is so popular that we have maxed out our Facebook page at 5,000 friends! So, we have a new Earth First! Journal “organization” Facebook page that allows us more than 5,000 “fans”. Please check it out and “like” us at This is a great place for folks to keep up to date on the Earth First! Journal and show their support!

WOW, the Earth First! Journal has 5,000 friends on Facebook? So we can stop organizing now…right? No! Now we want to see all 5,000 of our Facebook “friends” at the Summer’s Round River Rendezvous in the Marcellus Shale region and organizing daily bad-ass actions in defense of Mother Earth!

As always, REMEMBER Facebook is THE primary tool of surveillance for the state and private security. It has made the cops job easier (but maybe made them lazier.. like it has the rest of us). So don’t be careless about what you post. Know that it may show up in a court indictment some day (for yourself OR someone else).

Oil Spills and Global Trade… Yup, We Still Live in an Ecocidal Empire

15 Apr

Here are some reminders from this weekend in Florida, as if you needed more reminders…

Geologist Rip Kirby examined the skin of a graduate student who swam in the gulf and then showered. Under regular light, his skin seemed clean, but ultraviolet light revealed orange blotches — dispersant-mixed oil.

According to an article in St. Pete Times, scientists find that oil from Deepwater Horizon spill is still causing damage in the Gulf of Mexico 2 years later:

“Tiny globs of it, mingled with the chemical dispersant that was supposed to break it up, have settled into the shallows, mingling with the shells, he said. When Kirby shines his light across the legs of a grad student who’d been in the water and showered, it shows orange blotches where the globs still stick to his skin.

“If I had grandkids playing in the surf, I wouldn’t want them to come in contact with that,” said Kirby, whose research is being overseen by the University of South Florida. “The dispersant accelerates the absorption by the skin.”

As those blotches show, the gulf and its residents are still coping with the aftermath of the Deepwater Horizon disaster, which began with a fiery explosion aboard an offshore drilling rig on April 20, 2010.”


A day earlier, the Florida paper reported on Obama’s visit to the Port of Tampa, one of the biggest ports in the country, where the president touted trade agreements with Colombia, South Korea and Panama that he signed into law, under his goal to double earth-killing exports by 2015.

The AP has reported that 12 Secret Service agents accompanying him in Colombia have been "relieved of duty" due to allegations of misconduct related to prostitution in Cartagena.

Here’s a bit from his 8-minute speech, en route to Colombia: “We are the most inventive country in the world. We’ve got the best entrepreneurs in the world… We’ve got the best infrastructure in the world, and we’re going to keep on at it and make sure that the 21st century is the American century, just like the 20th century.”

Ah, Obama’s family friendly eco-imperialism.. brings a tear to the eye.

U.S. President Barack Obama and his daughter Sasha swim at Alligator Point in Panama City Beach, Florida, August 14, 2010.
REUTERS/Pete Souza-The White House/Handout

FBI Questions Denton Drilling Activists

13 Apr

Photos and story by ANDREW MCLEMORE

Kessler: “I thought they were going to invade my house.”

North Texas environmental activists frequently feel as though local officials ignore their protests against gas drilling, but it turns out it’s easy enough to get the federal government’s attention — if the FBI thinks you might be planning eco-terrorism.

That’s what happened to University of North Texas student Ben Kessler, a Marine veteran and dedicated activist on fracking, who spent several months last fall dodging FBI phone calls that he felt were attempts to intimidate him and pump him for information about legitimate, peaceful environmental groups. Kessler is an organizer with Rising Tide, an international network of environmental groups that sometimes employ civil disobedience as a protest tactic.

Kessler: “I thought they were going to invade my house.”

In early February, an FBI agent and Dallas police officer came to campus to question one of Kessler’s professors as well. David Rogers, the FBI agent who called Kessler repeatedly, told him the agency was following up on an anonymous tip about environmental activism in the area.

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Earth First! News, Eostar 2012, OUT NOW!

12 Apr

Here's what the first page looks like. Click here for the full PDF... Yes, there are some Hunger Games dorks in the EF!J office.

Hey folks! Here is the latest PDF version of the EF! News, Eostar 2012, a publication for all to use freely in tabling and EF! outreach, just in time for spicing up the abundance of boring, liberal Earth Day events on the horizon.

As usual, please let us know if you are helping us circulate this, so we can get a sense of where it is being distributed. Also, for those who want to promote the upcoming Round River Rendezvous in the Marcellus region this Summer, check out this PDF, a basic quarter sheet flyer about the Rondy and the EF! Journal. It might also make a nice addition to your tabling.

If you want to receive more trinkets for tabling, you can contact nettle [at]

Thanks, and “Make the odds be ever in our favor!”

Against the Capitol, For the Wild,

—Earth First! Journal collective

Judge gives another break to FBI informant Frank Ambrose

12 Apr

DETROIT (AP) — A judge has cut more than three years off the prison sentence of a former radical environmentalist who set a major fire at Michigan State University and burned down new homes before becoming a government informant.

Frank Ambrose was rewarded again for his substantial assistance to the government, which means he’s apparently still helping authorities while in prison. U.S. District Judge Paul Maloney didn’t elaborate Monday after cutting his sentence from nine years to just under six years Continue reading