Emerging Market for Natural Gas

16 Jun

The proposed plans include constructing more than 200 LNG fuel lanes at about 100 TA and Petro locations throughout the country.

As if you needed another reason to hate Shell

Travel Centers America (TA) and Shell are teaming up to offer Natural Gas at the fuel pumps coming in 2013.  Shell came up with the brilliant idea because of how cheap and easy it is to get Natural Gas in the U.S.- “Shell sees great potential for LNG (Liquified Natural Gas) as a fuel option among our range of quality fuels, due to the sheer abundance and affordability of domestic natural gas in North America. Where it makes sense and where there is customer demand, we will innovate to deliver LNG as an additional fuel offer to our customers across America,” Elen Phillips, Shell Vice President (emphasis added).

According to Tim O’Brien, CEO of Travel Centers America, “TA is looking to be the leader in this new realm of vehicle fuel.  If our arrangement with Shell comes together, we are well-positioned to lead here.  We have 238 operating centers, 1,000 bays and 3,000 technicians.”

For anyone opposed to Fracking, this is an emerging market for gas use that can be stopped before it starts.

According to RootForce.org, where this story originated: “To us that looks like 238 opportunities for those opposed to Fracking, Natural Gas, or just the continued functioning of this economic system, to show TA and Shell what we think.”

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