Earth First! Land Project: Call for Proposals

23 Jul

As you may have heard about at the 2012 Organizer’s Conference in Utah
or seen featured in the Beltane issue of the EF! Journal, eco-prisoner
Marie Mason submitted a proposal to the movement for an Earth First!
Land Project.  Earlier this month, at the Round River Rendezvous, several people from various regions and parts of the movement got together to strategize and begin the process of responding.  We’ve co-drafted the following call for location proposals, and we’re excited about where this is going.

Artwork by Marie Mason

Bumblebees by Marie Mason

If you or someone you know would like to propose a location for a
future Earth First! Land Project, please send a proposal containing
the following criteria to the Journal Collective, either at PO Box 964, Lake Worth, FL 33460 or collective[at] no later than September 1st.  We know the process of drafting such a proposal can be daunting and we want to encourage anyone who is up for the task!  We have people available to assist with drafting, so just let us know if you would like some help.

-Acerage, size, cost and environmental threats its under

-Mode of financial sustenance options (i.e. projected economic
opportunities for the project to support itself)

-Indigenous history of location

-Immediate and direct local support—what is their capacity?

-Politics around the location—supportive/conflictual?

-Proximity to urban center—is there a need that is not already being filled?

-Legal obstacles and possible solutions (i.e. housing structures, building codes, mineral and water rights, etc.)

-Interface with broader movement, either existing linkages or opportunities for future networking

-What other land projects or projects with similarities are there in the area?

-Proximity or connectivity to other wild spaces

-Biodiversity of land proposed

-Proximity to industry or other environmental threats, either existing or proposed

Other ways you can be involved:

Contact Marie directly to engage with her about her proposal

-Submit amendments to the above list of proposal criteria by August 1st

-Spread this call for location proposals far and wide, especially to people you know who may not have access to the internet or a subscription to the Journal

-Volunteer to be a proposal reader.  This group will not be making any decisions but will aid in the process of organizing all of the information received.  Contact the Journal for more info.

-Come to the 2013 Organizer’s Conference to continue the dialogue!


2 Responses to “Earth First! Land Project: Call for Proposals”

  1. wooooo July 23, 2012 at 11:58 pm #

    perhaps a look at reclaim the fields and taking a biodiversity and permaculture combination to it. also proximity to working/poor people that can be involved, guide. Indigenous land questions….

  2. nonviolentconflict July 24, 2012 at 12:42 am #

    Reblogged this on NonviolentConflict.

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