Black Bear “Management” Hearing Aug 29

7 Aug

Consider coming out to that event to speak in defense of the bears, or to join us for a demonstration outside. Either way, make sure you contact them at and the executive director, Gordon S. Myers 919-707-0151. His individual e-mail is

Piedmont Earth First!

Black bears were historically prevalent in the Piedmont prior to agricultural expansion by colonists. As bear populations became more threatened throughout the state, North Carolina created bear sanctuaries which have protected their populations from being completely decimated by humans. Their report states, “By the middle part of the 20th century, bears had been extirpated from the piedmont, and populations had receded into remote areas of the mountains and coastal plain.”  Now, these animals are beginning to move back into their original range. In anticipation of this, the Wildlife Resources Commission plans to prevent their return to the Piedmont by opening up hunting seasons in the “Piedmont Bear Management Unit” or PMBU which is comprised of various counties in the North Carolina Piedmont and Triangle area. There are no bear sanctuaries in the Piedmont.

Their Plan:
“1) Establish a bear hunting season in all PBMU counties.
2) Every three years (e.g…

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