Get off the Internet…

10 Aug

We’ll meet you in the streets!

It ain’t just the weather heatin’ up. Eco-action camps, radical gathering and activist mobilizations are going off this month all across the globe. So get out your calendar, dust off your hitch-hiking thumb, or train maps.. or that international flight voucher that’s about to expire, and get out on the frontlines.

You’re already a day late in joining those royal Vermonsters in their kingdom up there, but hell, we’re sure they won’t mind your tardiness as long as you stick around to throw down with them in the end!

So check out the list below, or check this link for regular updates to the EF! Newswire’s Events page.

August 9-12

August 13-20

August 8-12

August 11

August 11-12

August 6-13

August 18

August 18

August 20-30

August 25-26

August 29-Sept 3

August 30-Sept 2

September 3-6

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