Upcoming Comic About Liberating Animals and Burning Shit Down

2 Jan
liberator comic 1

Image from the forthcoming comic book series The Liberator

We, here at the Earth First! Journal, know that funding print media is a constant struggle against the cesspool of the internet. So we’re glad to throw our support (ironically, via an EF! Newswire post) towards other folks working to put incendiary projects into peoples’ hands.

This week on Kickstarter, a campaign is launching for a unique new type of superhero team: Damon Guerrero and Jeanette Francis are animal liberators… gritty anti-heroes in the mold of Dexter or Batman.

Synopsis: Damon & Jeanette are new kinds of super-heroes. They don’t fight bank robbers or intergalactic villains. They don’t protect the humans from invading alien armies. They rescue animals who are being beaten and tortured.

And, driven by their own traumas, Damon & Jeanette exact brutal revenge on the morally bankrupt people who derive pleasure from torturing defenseless animals.

The Creators

The Liberator comic's Kickstarter fund raising campaign is loaded with sweet gifts in exchange for donations

The Liberator’s Kickstarter fund raising campaign is loaded with sweet gifts in exchange for donations (including copies of the comics).

Writer MATT MINER is an activist who’s spent years in the fight for animals on the legal aboveground front line, and more recently spends his time on animal rescue, writing for BSL News and helping displaced animals in the wake of Hurricane Sandy.

Artist JOEL GOMEZ is an accomplished penciler and inker who got his start at Top Cow before being hired by Jim Lee for Wildstorm Studios. Joel’s catalogue of work includes Wetworks, Nightmare on Elm Street, Lost Boys: Reign of Frogs, Flashpoint: Reverse Flash and Detective Comics.

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