A New Year for the Earth First! Journal

12 Jan

EF fund_letter_2013 image_Page_1By now, all you current and former subscribers to the EF! Journal should have seen our 2013 Winter update letter in the mail. For those who have sent back donations, we offer our full gratitude for your commitment to sustaining the media of the eco-resistance.

For those still sitting on the letters twiddling your thumbs, we ask that if you can afford a donation of any amount, please get them in the mail to us soon, before they are totally buried under the mounds of junk mail from whack NGOs with their glossy polar bear pictures who are trying to capitalize off your christmas gift money…

And for those who didn’t see it in the mail, you can subscribe to the Journal right here and now, so you’ll never miss another riveting letter from us again. In the meantime, the text from the letter is below. Also, you can print out the whole thing to make copies and give ’em to all your friends by clicking on the image to the right.

Yule Season’s Greetings To All You Eco-Defenders
And Earth First! Journal Supporters

It’s been a long, hard year here at the Earth First! Journal office. Despite financial pressures in conjunction with lots of court dates, once again, we have persisted.

The newest issue, Lughnasadh 2012, may have been late, but you gotta admit, it’s pretty damn good! The content is hard-hitting and gives voice to deeply ecological struggle all over the world; the layout is more cohesive and unified than ever before. Most importantly, it’s getting into the hands of those on the front lines and behind bars.

If you read our online EF! Newswire, then you know that the campaigns against tar sands, fracking and coal mining have been going off. We maintain direct contact with the groups making that work happen. From action camps and rendezvous to activist conferences and book fairs, the Earth First! Journal Collective has been there, making sure that the tools, strategy and analysis of Earth First! are present for the people who will use them best.

As you may recall from our last update and fund letter in the Summer, we had some ambitious plans for the year, and those are still in the works.

Here’s what we have in store for 2013:

A compilation album of punk bands that support a no compromise attitude towards eco-defense, including tracks by the likes of Iskra, Appalachian Terror Unit, Masakari, Oi Polloi, and many other amazing artists whose messages coalesce with the values of Earth First! The CD will include a booklet on EF! aimed at both inviting a new generation into the movement and re-inspiring the old guard eco-punks out there.

New, more user-friendly website and more extensive and accessible online archive of back issues (so the thousands of new EF! Newswire readers can learn the movement’s amazing history).

Formation of the Earth First! Media Group, to provide tax-deductible non profit status for the movement so that we can increase distribution of EF! materials worldwide.

As catastrophes like Hurricane Sandy provide the catalyst for discourse on the topic of ecological destruction, it is imperative that a radical voice like the Earth First! Journal provides a narrative for both fierce resistance and grassroots solutions. Your contributions are what allows the Journal office to continue doing just that.

We have recently moved our office into a house that is a part of a new activist land trust in Lake Worth, Florida, allowing us to keep our movement’s money out of the pocket of a landlord. It also means we have a sweet sub-tropical garden to eat from (plus the companionship of three cats who came with the house). While it is a more functional and healthy work space, it has definitely taken an adjustment period.

We have had problems transferring our phone number, and we apologize if we missed your calls. Unfortunately, these problems are not yet resolved [still!] at the time of this mailing.

For now, you can temporarily reach the office at 561-284-6572 until our regular number is back in service.

To all of our continuing subscribers, thank you for your continued support and patience in receiving Earth First! Journal
in these transitional times.

For the wild,
Earth First! Journal Collective

P.S. Hope to see you at the EF! Organizers’ Conference and Winter Rondy in Ohio, February 14th-18th

P.S.S. Subvert the dominant paradigm? We’re so broke we don’t even have a pair ‘a’ dime!  But seriously, we need donations to keep going. Those who don’t deal with checks can donate easily online at earthfirstjournal.org.

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