Video: Black Mesa Dine & Appalachians Confront Peabody Coal in St. Louis, MO

26 Jan

An unprecedented coalition of Navajo (Dineh) residents of Black Mesa, AZ, Appalachian residents, St. Louis residents, military veterans and labor unions brought the fight for our future to Peabody’s HQ today. Nearly 100 of us had a raucous rally opened with a prayer by Black Mesa native Don Yellowman, followed by speeches demanding Peabody stop destabilizing the climate, forcing the Dineh off their land, and cheating workers out of their retirement benefits. Peabody representatives promised to accept a letter from Fern Benally and Don Yellowman, the Navajo residents of Black Mesa, but they broke their promise and called the police instead.

* Black Mesa Indigenous Support:
* Background information:
* What happened:
* Press release:…
* Missourians Organizing for Reform and Empowerment (MORE):
* Radical Action for Mountain Peoples’ Survival (RAMPS):
* Mountain Justice:
* Vets for Peace:

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