EF! News, Yule 2013, Ready to Hit the Streets!

29 Jan

Featuring a timeline of tar sands resistance, epic stories of eco-sabotage worldwide, and a full spread on prisoner support and grand jury resistance.

Click here for the PDF, Print, copy and destroy.

Click here for the PDF. Print, copy and destroy.

The latest issue of our EF! News publication is available as a PDF to be copied and distributed freely. The issue covers news from the front lines of environmental struggle between Summer 2012 and the Winter Solstice (hence the name “Yule”).

It also includes info on the upcoming EF! Winter Rendezvous, TWAC camp and EF! Climbers Guild gathering; hot tips for sneaking into places; and an updated directory of international eco-action groups.

You can download EF! News Yule 2013 by clicking here or on the image above. You can also still get the last full EF! Journal, Lughnasahd 2012, here.

As always, the intent of this project is to decentralize the production and circulation of Earth First! media, so we ask you to makes copies and pass them out at street parties, punk shows, hippy festivals, activist conferences, truck stops,  construction sites, remote wilderness fire towers, etc

The perfect spot for a well-placed copy of the EF! News.

The perfect spot for a well-placed copy of the EF! News. Adirondack State Park.


One Response to “EF! News, Yule 2013, Ready to Hit the Streets!”

  1. ohnwentsya January 30, 2013 at 2:07 am #

    Reblogged this on Spirit In Action and commented:
    This is neat! Now wherever you are you can be a distributor of Earth First News.

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