Indigenous Organizers to Hold Round Table Meeting on Tar Sands Resistance and Decolonization

30 Jan

indigenous voices

Re-posted from our friends at the Tar Sands Blockade

Tar Sands Blockade has been working to amplify the voices of communities who will be most impacted by tar sands exploitation; Indigenous peoples and lands at the point of extraction and Latin@ and African American communities in the Gulf Coast where the tar sands will be refined and shipped to overseas markets in a tax-free trade zone.

On February 14th -18th Earth First! will be hosting it’s annual organizers conference and winter rendezvous. Indigenous land defenders and anti-pipeline organizers will hold a round table on tar sands Resistance and decolonization.  Representatives from the following nations and communities will be present: Mikisew Cree of Fort Chipewyan, Oglala Lakota of Pine Ridge, Wet’suwe’ten of the Unis’tot’en territory, Anishinaabe of Aamjiwnaang and Haudenosaunee of Nogojiwanong. 

Youth from Houston’s toxic East End will also attend the conference to bring the voices of Latin@ communities who are forced to breathe the toxins emitted from refineries. A host of delegates from the Tar Sands Blockade and No Line 9 will be there to make this an unprecedented show of unity.  We remain committed to resistance to tar sands and solidarity with all of those most affected.  We urge our supporters to help amplify the voices of Indigenous peoples by making a donation to their ChipIn account to cover the cost of their travel expenses.  


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