Mobilize to Stop GE Trees!

31 Jan

Organize to Stop the Tree Biotechnology 2013 Conference from Deciding the Future of the World’s Forests this Spring in Asheville, NC, Marriot Renaissance Hotel

"The world doesn't just need more trees. We need trees that can do more."-ArborGen, “The Next Monsanto,” GE tree research and development company

“The world doesn’t just need more trees. We need trees that can do more.”
–ArborGen, “The Next Monsanto,” GE tree research and development company

Call to action from Global Justice Ecology Project:

“From May 26-June 1, industry leaders, scientists and policy makers will meet in Asheville, NC for the Tree Biotechnology 2013 Conference. The conference will discuss current and future applications of GE trees, including large-scale plantations of GE eucalyptus trees for pulp and biofuels in the southern United States, from South Carolina to Texas.  We will be there to take action.  Will you?”

GE trees pose an unprecedented threat to US forests. GE tree company ArborGen has a request pending with the USDA to commercially sell hundreds of millions of GE eucalyptus trees annually for vast plantations across Texas, Florida, Georgia, Alabama, Louisiana, Mississippi and South Carolina. Eucalyptus trees have fueled deadly, catastrophic fires in Australia and are an extreme fire risk in California, where they are considered an invasive species. Eucalyptus plantations are called “silent forests” because they provide no benefits or habitat for wildlife.

New biomass facilities are popping up all over the south, to burn wood for electricity and to make pellets for export to European markets. A new company, EcoGen, wants to establish industrial plantations of eucalyptus all over the south for use in biomass incinerators.  If ArborGen gets permission from the USDA, you can bet those plantations will be GE eucalyptus.

Global Justice Ecology Project, along with partner organizations, plans to take action against the GE trees industry in the streets of Asheville to tell them “Enough Already!”  They are calling on everyone concerned with the future of our forests to join us in May to STOP GE trees once and for all.

If you are interested in participating, or want to stay updated email will [at] or call 802.777.5244.

Check out for more information.

Sign the petition to the USDA demanding a ban on GE trees.

Previous EF! Newswire coverage of GE tree in the southern US.

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