Earth First! and Male Supremacy at the 2012 Round River Rendezvous

2 Feb

kitten femnisit color large“We stood in front of over a hundred radical folk as an absolute mockery. People were in tears. The crowd’s anger, confusion and frustration penetrated my embarrassed heart. We, the group of a few “men” who just presented the “Challenging Male Supremacy” report back to the entire Earth First! Rendezvous population, looked at each other in disbelief and shame. I wished desperately to not be standing front and center, to turn back time. But the damage was done. What was said was said. Not only did I partake in it, I consented to the process. All my heady understandings of patriarchy came to a visceral collision; my skin tingled, my vision was introspective seeing everything encased in two circles surrounding my eyes. I learned a great deal in those incredibly long moments, much of which will take a lifetime to try to unlearn…” 

From “The Challenging Male Supremacy Debacle, EF!RRR 2012,” by mercurius

Find mercurius’ full story of this experience at the 2012 Earth First! Round River Rendezvous, including thoughts on inclusion, oppression, gender, sex and male domination in the movement, past and present, as well as a play-by-play analysis of the “debacle,” here on the EF! Newswire.

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