Naked Sir Ben Kingsley Wants YOU To Put an End to Irresponsible Fisheries Management

8 Feb

by Russ McSpadden

Marine wildlife, which are under threat of total annihilation from a series of anthropogenic impacts–from ocean acidification to industrial fisheries–can rest a little easier. Thanks to the UK based organization Fishlove, blue fin tuna, North sea cod and other sea critters now have a naked Sir Ben Kinglsey–um, holding a dead octopus–on their side and he looks mean as hell.


Fishlove is a media campaign created by a sushi restaurant owner, which is sort of weird, but why not. I’m not sure how effective the ongoing photographic campaign to highlight the crisis of over-fishing will be, but rest assured, Sir Kingsly, who played Gandhi for crying out loud, and even won an oscar, looks pretty damned intent on stopping this shit…like, I think he is going to kick some ass. You should kick some ass too! That’s how we are gonna save those ocean critters.

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