Lawsuit to Help Stop Harassment of Bison Activists

11 Feb

Support the Bison Activist Legal Defense Fund

LF1J2593-2The Buffalo Field Campaign has had thousands of volunteers in the 16 years it has been standing with, and for the buffalo of the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem. Throughout that time they have recorded immeasurable hours of footage. Right now that is our main tool. Exposure of sinister acts such hazing, capture, slaughter, quarantine, birth control studies and many other atrocities to this magnificent animal, through media can be a powerful resource in the fight for free roaming wild buffalo.

Volunteers come from all over the world to have a chance to participate as story tellers. It is direct action in the form of media—from informing hunters of the need for these animal’s protection (Yes, the Fish Wildlife and Parks of Montana do authorize a hunt in two small areas outside of Yellowstone National Park) to filming in the middle of a helicopter haze as this flying monstrosity with a siren pushes buffalo off of land that they have every right to be on.

And It isn’t just buffalo we fight for. Elk, migratory birds, moose, and even the protected grizzly bear have been known to be caught up in these governmental operations.

My name is Tony Reed. Last year I had a run in with the Law and was forced out of the field of view of one of these hazes. I was over a mile away, perched on a hill to get an overview shot of the haze crossing a major north/south highway. I was told I wasn’t allowed to be there and was given a citation. I fought it, the judge threw out the case because I was doing nothing wrong. This sort of targeting of activists by the Gallatin County Sheriff’s office is routine and happens all the time. We would like to send them a message to let them know that we will not be silenced and we won’t stand for this harassment. We will shout to the world what is happening in and outside of Yellowstone National Park and we will say that it is unacceptable.

We want to see buffalo do what they do best and roam free. If we activists can regain our rights then we can be that much more effective in gaining the rights of these animals. I ask that if you can please donate, or if you can’t please pass it on so others can see this and hear about what is happening in Yellowstone. Any money over the goal will be placed into a fund so that others may challenge the laws and the ones who enforce them with a little bit less of a financial burden. Thank you.

For more info on the Buffalo Field Campaign please visit

Tony Reed is a former editor on the Earth First! Journal.

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