Earth First!, Appalachia Resist Blockade Fracking Waste Water Storage Facility

19 Feb


Following the annual winter Earth First! rendezvous Green Hunter Fracking Waste Storage Facility in New Matamoras, Ohio has been Shut Down and Blockaded.  10 confirmed arrests, with monopod preventing operations at facility.  Please consider making a donation to bail funds.  

For lives updates visit our friends at Appalachia Resist!  More photos can be found here. 

In an unprecedented show of unity against the extraction industry, members of  Appalachia Resist!Tar Sands BlockadeRadical Action for Mountain Peoples’ Survival (RAMPS), Keystone Blockade, a coalition of indigenous leaders including representatives from No Line 9 and the Unis’tot’en CampGreat Plains Tar Sands Resistance, and Earth First! chapters from across the country have gathered in Southern Ohio to blockade and shut down Greenhunter fracking waste water storage facility.  This is the latest in an ongoing and escalating campaign of resistance to the dangerous and exploitative resource extraction industry that is threatening the existence and survival of the earth and all of it’s inhabitants.

Nate Ebert, a 33-year-old Athens County resident and member of Appalachia Resist!, ascended a 30 foot monopod (pole), anchored to a truck that was dropping off toxic frack waste at the facility, preventing all trucks carrying frack waste from entering the site! Two banners have also been hung from two different tanks holding fracking waste.  The front gate to the facility has been locked by activists. All gates are being blocked by activists and all work at the facility has been halted. 

“Our governor, legislature, and regulatory agencies have all failed in their obligation to protect Ohioans from the predatory gas industry,” said Ebert. “Greenhunter wants to use our water sources as dumping grounds for their toxic, radioactive waste. We are here to send a message that the people of Ohio and Appalachia will not sit idly by and watch our homes be turned into a sacrifice zone!




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    Latest update, bail funds are needed to put towards the 10 friends arrested including the documentarian/press who was taken by police as protesters were leaving. The site was blockaded for 5 hours. Bail is at least over $5,000. Go here to donate:


  1. Exciting Photos from Tuesday’s EF!, Appalachia Resist Fracking Blockade | Earth First! Newswire - February 21, 2013

    […] Following the annual winter Earth First! rendezvous Green Hunter Fracking Waste Storage Facility in New Matamoras, Ohio  was blockaded and forced to shut down. Swarms of white-suited, soggy protesters and a monopod prevented operations at facility for hours drawing 10 confirmed arrests. Below and here are more photos of the day’s dramatic event. For more info read the action report […]

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