Time is Short: Principles of War and Strategy

20 Feb

Cross posted from Deep Green Resistance News Service

By Alex Budd / Deep Green Resistance Cascadia

Why are we losing?

Why, after 40 years of struggle, education, petitions, letters to the editor, reusable coffee mugs, marches, protests, direct action and even sabotage, are we still losing?  Why do mountains, old growth and glaciers keep disappearing? Why are children btumblr_m3q2iwaGD51qbrntno1_1280orn with 200 toxic compounds in their bodies? Why do the levels of carbon in the atmosphere continue to rise as the species count plummets? And why is the trend accelerating?

If we hope to ever make a real material difference, to seriously disrupt and dismantle the operation of the industrial machine, we need to start thinking, planning, and acting strategically. If we don’t, we will continue to stumble around blindly in circles, re-hashing the same failed plans and ideas over and over again—and the world burns.

Fortunately, there is a wealth of strategic advice and doctrine available to learn from. There is much of value that we can discover from those who have been the best at using strategy—predominantly militaries—and although we have decidedly different objections and convictions than them, the underlining principles are essentially the same.

There are virtual libraries of this sort of information, but the ‘Nine Principles of War & Strategy’ is a great basic primer on good strategy. The list outlines nine simple strategic principles, tools for strategic analysis that can serve as a foundation for establishing strategy and devising operations.

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One Response to “Time is Short: Principles of War and Strategy”

  1. dyscommunicator February 23, 2013 at 7:32 am #

    Deep Green Resistance calling for militancy—what could possibly go wrong?

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