Earth First! Journal Ruffles the Right Wing

21 Feb

Here at the Earth First! Newswire, we generally strive to steer clear of identifying along the Left/Right political spectrum, but we can’t help make note of some gratifying recent attention from so-called conservatives. (What is it that they are conserving again?)

J. Christian Adams

J. Christian Adams

Back in December 2012, J. Christian Adams of PJ Media highlighted “EAT (IT)”, a tongue-in-cheek contribution to the EF!J’s Beltane 2012 edition, in his articleEarth First Journal Assassination Hit List”

He even included nice large pictures of CEOs and FBI informants from EAT (IT)’s list of suggested prank targets, such as Aubrey McClendon and Brandon Darby. It was a refreshing reminder of how easy it is to get under the thin skin of these idiots.

Victoria Taft

Victoria Taft

A month later, talk show host Victoria Taft graced us with “Oregon Environmental Anarchist Fans Flames of Sabotage” featuring quotes from back in EF!J Beltane 2011, “My Name is Emma Murphy-Ellis and I Support Sabotage.”

These stories were also re-blogged onto other various right-wing blog sites and social media sources. And we couldn’t be more flattered. Keep it coming folks.

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