Snitch Alert: Co-operating witness in Green Scare cases released to Halfway House

17 Apr

Cross Posted from Puget Sound Anarchist

Chelsea Gerlach, one of the government’s star witnesses in the green scare cases, is currently listed by the Bureau of Prisons as being placed into the custody of “community corrections.” This typically means a residential re-entry program, more commonly known as a “halfway house.”

Gerlach not only provided information on long time friends, former partners, her then-current boyfriend, and comrades that she promised to never betray. She also assisted the FBI in creating psychological profiles, encouraged others who were arrested to co-operate with the state, and agreed to testify against non-cooperators.

It is suspected that Gerlach will be working at a business in Eugene owned by her brother, but her current whereabouts and work situation is not known. If you have any information on her current location and associations, please contact me.

Gerlach should be shunned for her participation in sending others into the american gulag. If spotted at community spaces that cater to activists, the working poor, people of color, and other segments of society who are frequently abused by the government she works with, she should be asked firmly to leave. Remember though: She is still a government witness and will likely continue serving her masters. Do not threaten or touch her: intimidating a government witness is a serious crime and frequently carries up to 10 years of imprisonment.

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