Earth First! Round River Rendezvous, July 1-8, 2013, North Carolina

30 Apr

Image“A gathering of wild hearts”

The Round River Rendezvous is the annual gathering of the Earth First! Movement.

Each Summer, this week-long camp-out attracts several hundred Earth First!ers from around the world. The gathering is coordinated by a volunteer committee and includes workshops, campaign discussions, campfire music and a rally with performers and speakers. Perhaps the most important part of the Round River Rendezvous is the informal networking that goes on.

In addition, many international, national and bioregional rendezvous are held throughout the year. Announced in the Earth First! Journal, these gatherings are particularly important for developing a cohesive activist network and planning actions on a local level.

We are thrilled to announce that Croatan Earth First! will be hosting next summer’s rendezvous in North Carolina.

We’re already scouting out some beautiful locations that will have lots of swimming and hiking. The location will most likely be in the Piedmont (central) or Eastern edge of the mountains. We’re hoping to bring in more primitive skills and plant/mushroom identification to the next gathering. We’re looking for folks to host workshops, and to submit ideas for workshops/panels they’d like to see. We’re going to need lots of funds to put on the rondy… If you have access to money please consider donating to our wepay. If you have money you can put aside for us as bail money, that will also make a difference with our upcoming action next summer, and you can get that money back!

Help promote the event, nationally and internationally by downloading and printing these quarter sheets: rondy flyer quarter

Find out more, including location and workshops, here.

2 Responses to “Earth First! Round River Rendezvous, July 1-8, 2013, North Carolina”


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    […] A real eco-rebellion is brewing like never before, and pop culture isn’t the only sign of it. Take a look at the rise of indy flics like The East, Wrenched, Who Bomber Judi Bari?, and even Beasts of the Southern Wild, all traveling the film fest circuit in the past two years. Outside of the media world, take the tar sands resistance as one measuring stick. For example, the liberal NGO Credo has already recruited about 60,000 people this year to sign a commitment to direct action against the KXL pipeline, other groups who have never previously endorsed civil disobedience, such as the Sierra Club and Center for Biological Diversity, have called to their vast memberships to step it up. Most of these folks won’t make it to the EF! Rendezvous this Summer… […]

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