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29 Apr

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Two Activists Lockdown to Protect Cross Timbers from Tar Sands

29 Apr
Cross posted from Great Plains Tar Sands Resistance[Scroll down to the bottom of this post for a chronology of today’s events, and be sure to visit and donate to these folks bail funds! Oh yeah, did we mention that this is the 5th action in Oklahoma in the past month?]



Spaulding, OK- Monday, April 29th, 6:15 AM– Earlier this morning two Texas residents locked themselves to machinery being used to construct TransCanada’s dangerous and controversial Keystone XL tar sands pipeline in Spaulding, OK through Muscogee Creek Nation land by treaty. Continue reading

Climate Activist on Day 29 of Hunger Strike

29 Apr

By Andy Rowell, Cross Posted from Eco Watch

Earlier this month, founder Bill McKibbenwrote about the new movement of fossil fuel resistance that was spreading around the world.

This resistance is needed now more than ever, as global temperatures edge towards the 400 parts per million (ppm) mark for the first time in millions of years, something that is seriously worrying scientists. “It looks like the world is going to blow through the 400 ppm level without losing a beat,” argues Scripps Institution of Oceanography scientist, Ralph Keeling.

One person who is part of this resistance is a young American activist Brian Eister, who has worked with John Kerry’s presidential campaign, League of Conservation VotersGreen PartyPublic Citizen and was involved in the Occupy Movement.

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Solidarity with Bangladeshi Garment Workers!

28 Apr


by the Anarco Philosorapter / Earth First! Newswire

“We are not worth more, they are not worth less.” —S. Brian Wilson, activist, author of Blood on the Tracks

What the hell is going on in Bangladesh? Earlier this week, a garment factory in Bangladesh collapsed which a day earlier was closed by police because of a visible crack in the building’s structure and reports of “jolts” within the building. Despite the closure and obvious structural instability, thousands of workers were inside the building at the time of the incident. Factory workers were reportedly forced to enter the building for work that morning by factory officers after the building owner said it was safe. At the time this article is being written, 377 people have been confirmed dead and nearly 900 are still missing amongst the rubble. The factory provided garments for multiple clothing stores including American retailer J.C. Penny and the UK’s Primark. Walmart has denied any ties to the toppled factory, but there are reports of Walmart brand clothes being found in the building’s ruins.

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Undercover Video, Ag Gag and Where We Get It Wrong

28 Apr

How should the animal rights and environmental movement use undercover footage of illegal practices? This article argues that the current trend of using footage to prosecute individual workers may be taking blame and attention away from industries of abuse.

Cross posted from The Vegan Police:

image from

I’ve followed the introduction of Ag Gag Bills – bills designed to criminalize undercover video of animal use industry – since they were in the dream phase in the wake of the Conklin Dairy Farm undercover video in 2010. That particular undercover investigation, I feel, is one of the most important undercover video investigations in the history of the “animal rights” movement and set the stage for the current battles around Ag Gag bills as well as our movements response.

The footage captured in that investigation was horrific and one particular character seemed to take pleasure in extreme violence against animals on the farm – Billy Joe Gregg Jr. It was nearly impossible to watch that footage and not dream of justice – whether you were a regular member of the public or a hardened animal liberationist. Animal agriculture – across the country – went into overdrive to recognize this particular weakness and exploited it. Billy Joe Gregg Jr. was the “bad apple,” the fall guy. The movement as a whole was so wrapped up in this character, in this horrific footage, that very few people questioned the structure of industrialized animal use or the precedent being set – the singling out and criminalization of individual workers as a movement strategy and measure of “success.”

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The Dirty Fossil Fuel Secret Behind Burma’s Democratic Fairytale

27 Apr

Cross Posted from The Guardian

By Nafeez Ahmed

New evidence has emerged that the systematic violence against ethnic Rohingya in Burma – “described as genocidal by some experts” – is being actively supported by state agencies. But the violence’s links to the country’s ambitions to rapidly expand fossil fuel production, at massive cost to local populations and to the environment, have been largely overlooked.

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Houston’s Most Polluted Neighborhood Draws the Line at Alberta Tar Sands

27 Apr

Cross Posted from

By Kristin MoeYES! Magazine

If the Keystone XL pipeline is approved, 90 percent of the tar sands crude that flows through it will be processed near an embattled Houston neighborhood called Manchester. Residents are joining up to demand a healthier future.

The playground in Manchester, a neighborhood on Houston’s east side, is empty much of the time. Children who play for too long here often start to cough. They go back inside, leaving an empty swing set in the shadow of a nearby oil refinery.

Yudith Nieto, 24, has lived in Manchester since her family came from Mexico when she was a small child. While it’s OK to visit the playground, she says, it’s not OK to bring her camera. On several occasions, security guards from the Valero refinery next door have appeared and ask her to leave, claiming that taking pictures in the park was “illegal.” They’ve even brought in Houston police as reinforcements. Continue reading

Federal Protections Lifted from Fish & Wildlife Service

27 Apr

by Rabb!t / Earth First! Newswire


National delisting of endangered species is on the rise, and flowing up the food chain. As was reported yesterday, the Fish & Wildlife Service has proposed lifting all Endangered Species Act protections from the critically endangered gray wolf. When state protections were lifted from this same species in Montana, Idaho and Wyoming, populations diminished rapidly as hunters flocked to the area to take the lives of these majestic beasts.

Now, yet another predator has been taken off the endangered species list. Recent studies have shown that United States Fish & Wildlife Service populations have reached hazardous levels, causing irreversible damage to their natural biosphere and destroying plant and animal populations at an unsustainable rate. Experts say that the organization’s levels of predation—which were tenuous to begin with—have escalated to such an extent that any protections bestowed upon them would be a danger to the North American continent and the human species as a whole. But it does not stop there. Evidence suggests that the Fish & Wildlife Service is only one small arm of a larger federal system, and that protection of any aspect of this system would be irresponsible and must be removed immediately.

Upon hearing the news, gray wolf populations released a communique declaring open season on all federal agencies.

Beekeeper Protest Calls for Pesticide Ban

27 Apr

Cross Posted from BBC

Beekeepers and their supporters have protested in Parliament Square to call for the government to support a ban on pesticides linked to the death of bees.

Research suggests that neonicotinoid pesticides have significant adverse affects on the survival rate of bees.

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ALF Releases 29 Rabbits from Barcelona Factory Farm

27 Apr

Cross posted from Bite Back:

received anonymously (translation):

29 Rabbits Liberated From a Factory Farm in Barcelona

On the night of April 13, 2013, Animal Liberation Front activists opened the cages of thirty rabbits who were to be killed in a few days. The initial goal was to get many more out, but when we arrived we saw that because of their enormous size and weight it would be impossible to liberate the number we had thought, so with great effort we carried away our backpacks full of our new and surprised friends.

If you’ve ever seen the terrified eyes of an animal in a cage and then felt their heart beating next to yours at the time of their release, you know exactly the meaning of Animal Liberation. After seeing them locked in small cages without soil, and then later see them walk and feel the wild life, you know that while you have strength, you won’t stop fighting for Total Liberation.

We’re not going to ask for their cages to be larger or comfortable.
We’re not going to ask that the conditions in which they are tortured in experiments are ‘improved,’
We’re not going to ask that when they are killed, that it be done ‘humanely’… Continue reading