Week of Resistance to Genetically Engineered Trees Schedule of Events

23 May

Katuah Earth First!

biotree events  We are just days away from an exciting week of protests and educational events against genetically engineered trees and the 2013 Tree Biotechnology Conference.  Check out this list of events and come on out to stand up for native forests and say NO to GE trees:

Saturday May 25

Global March Against Monsanto

Join us as tens of thousands take to the streets around the world

to protest Monsanto.  2pm, Pack Square Park


Monday May 27

Convergence Center open 12-3pm @ Apothecary (39 S. Market St)

Teach-in on gentically engineered trees

Get educated on the threats of GE trees and get plugged in

to the week of resistance. Puppett, sign and banner making party!

@ Toy Boat Community Arts Center

(101 Fairview Road), 3-9pm


Tuesday May 28

Direct Action Training meet @ Apothecary 10am -2pm

Know Your Rights @ Apothecary 2pm

Puppets and Art Making for March…

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One Response to “Week of Resistance to Genetically Engineered Trees Schedule of Events”

  1. ohnwentsya May 25, 2013 at 1:07 am #

    Reblogged this on Spirit In Action and commented:
    Trees have been on the planet far longer than we have, they are our grandparents! They give us oxygen, shade, clean water, tasty nuts and fruits-so far as I can see they do everything perfectly already, including adapting in many cases to the nutty changes we create-why mess with perfection? I wonder why the drive to genetically engineer everything all of a sudden? Like when we had cars suddenly we needed endless highways and no more forests-pure stupidity!

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