Iceland to Kill Rare Fin Whales for Dog Snacks

28 May

by Rabb!t / Earth First! Newswire

finwhaleHunting whales for commercial purposes has been banned by the International Whaling Commission (IWC) since the mid-1980s. The moratorium states that no country may kill whales unless they are doing so for scientific purposes (a loophole that Japan uses to justify their annual slaughter). The moratorium also allows aboriginal cultures with a history of subsistence whaling to slaughter small populations, so long as the catch is not sold commercially.

In spite of this ban, Iceland has announced its plans to kill up to 184 fin whales again this year, and the Sunday Times reported this week that the majority of the catch would be sold to Japan to satisfy a growing demand for luxury dog snacks. 

Like all cetaceans, fin whales play a critical role in maintaining the health of our oceans. They strongly influence community structures, support marine communities as a food source, and have formed commensal relationships with other species, including sea birds. Fin whales were almost completely wiped out by hunting in the 1900s, and are now critically endangered.

Our treatment of the ocean is getting increasingly surreal. There are plastic gyres at the center of every ocean on the planet, slowly whirling above the corpses of animals forced to inhale plastic particles; driftnets and bottom-trawlers are emptying the sea of fish with no thought as to what our children will have to trawl for; the outrageous amount of CO2 pumped into the atmosphere by the slowly trudging, heavily stomping beast of industrial progress is turning our oceans to acid; and now the second largest animal on the planet is being hunted and killed to feed upper-class dogs in sweaters.


3 Responses to “Iceland to Kill Rare Fin Whales for Dog Snacks”

  1. annielittlehawk June 3, 2013 at 8:07 pm #

    PLEASE SIGN AND SHARE! One Icelandic man is about to start a hunt to harpoon fin whales, then chop them into pieces and ship their meat to Japan for dog food! The best way to stop this massacre is to shame the Dutch Prime Minister, who allows the traffic of whale meat through Rotterdam, to refuse this bloody cargo — if the whalers can’t sell the meat, we can stop the hunt before it starts. They set to sea in days — sign now!

  2. someonewithabrain June 4, 2013 at 6:44 am #

    I think that if everyone would stop worrying so much about what everyone else is doing they might just get enough time to look around and see what they and there own country are doing and realize that everything they are advocating is making them look like the biggest hypocrites in the world . If are going to sign that is fine but please then take the time to create and sign petitions on your wrong doings first. I think that if you want to point a finger start by fixing all your problems that kill more whales and dolphins and marine wildlife then Iceland will ever do .

    and the list could carry on for a very long time , the fact of the matter is that whale hunting creates jobs and currency for the country and is done under the supervision of the government. Today the whale industry supplies about as much income as the tourist whale boats do so if you want to make a difference come and take a tour and as soon as the whale tourist industry brings more currency to the country then the hunting , they will stop it .


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