Icelanders Protest the New Government’s Environmental Policy

30 May

From the protests today. Picture: Omar Ragnarsson

from News of Iceland

At least one thousand people gather outside of the government offices yesterday to deliver a challenge to the prime minister, Sigmundur David Gunnlaugsson. The government is challenged to withdraw statements regarding changing the power plant program, but the government wants to change it so that more areas can be used for power plants. 

The protesters want to spare the environment and not build too many power plants. The challenge comes with reviews regarding the power plant program that the public, institutions, municipalities, organizations and companies have sent to the parliament and to the ministries.

The new center-right government is said to focus too much on power plants and aluminum factories. The government has merged the ministry of the environment together with the ministry of agriculture and fisheries. Critics say that the government has in effect abolished the ministry of the environment, and will now focus on building power plants and factories and seriously damage the environment.

Sigmundur David was busy when the protests were held because the president of Finland was visiting. But the prime minister´s assistant showed up on his behalf, and he was handed the challenge.


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