Inside/Out: A Book Club for Anarchist Prisoners and Their Supporters

4 Jun

from Combustion Books

thewindupgirlWe at Combustion Books are pleased to announce our newest anarchist prisoner support program, inside/out. Every month, a collective member of Combustion Books will choose a different radical fiction book (from any publisher). Inside (prisoner) book club members will receive a free copy of the book. Outside (supporting) book club members can get the book any way they would like. We encourage people to buy the book from us or to donate $3-5 to us to alleviate the costs of sending free books to prisoners.

Supporting book club members can email us their letters and responses to the book, which we will print and pass along to all the prisoner book club members. Prisoner book club members can send us letters, which we will scan and pass along to all supporting book club members. Responses are due the first of the next month.

We are running this project for two reasons. First, we simply want to give books to prisoners. Second, we hope to give those who would support anarchist prisoners a point of common interest. One of the larger hurdles that would-be supporters face is an uncertainty as to what to discuss with strangers in prison; we aim to to give them something to correspond about.

You can sign up via email here

Read about this month’s Inside/Out book selection, The Windup Girl, here

One Response to “Inside/Out: A Book Club for Anarchist Prisoners and Their Supporters”

  1. Earth First! Journal Sonoran Office June 4, 2013 at 4:06 pm #

    Just bought the book. Can’t wait to read it and read what others have to say. Up with Reading Clubs Down With Prisons!

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