Swamp Line 9 Locks Down and Rallies After Receiving Injunction

25 Jun
At the front gate. #SwampLine9 #SovSummer #tarsands #pipelines #NoLine9 #IdleNoMore (at Enbridge Westover Station)

At the front gate. #SwampLine9 #SovSummer #tarsands #pipelines #NoLine9 #IdleNoMore (at Enbridge Westover Station)

After 5 days of stopping work on Line 9 at Enbridge’s Westover pump station, the Swamp Line 9 camp has been served an injunction. In response to this legal maneuvre by Enbridge, protestors on the site have locked themselves to the gates of the pump station. Other protestors are rallying across the street, in front of Enbridge’s Westover Terminal, to continue demanding that tar sands oil not be shipped through our communities. They invite their allies and the public to join them there this morning in solidarity.

“It’s disgraceful that Enbridge is trying to resolve this situation with an injunction when the conflict is rooted in their refusal to meaningfully consult and seek consent from impacted communities,” said Trish Mills, who is participating in the lock-down.

“First Enbridge tried getting the Line 9 reversal done by stealth, then by trickery, and now, finally, they will do it by force.”

“The injunction means our strategies for how to stop this project need to adapt,” said Elysia Petrone. “Some of us will leave the site to continue demonstrating across the street, while others have decided its necessary to lock themselves down to remain on the site as long as possible.”

The injunction was served at approximately 8:15am on June 25, on the same day as coordinated rallies in support of Swamp Line 9 are planned across the country. It gives the protestors two hours to leave the site.

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#SwampLine9 #SovSummer #tarsands #pipelines #NoLine9 #IdleNoMore

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