UPDATE : All 10 Momentive Protesters are Out

10 Jul

Piedmont Earth First!

All 10 of the people jailed in Morganton, NC for protesting at Momentive Specialty Chemicals are out on bail. Arrestees include individuals from a wide range of groups who are resisting hydraulic fracturing in their regions including Marcellus Earth First! from Pennsylvania and New York, Radical Action For Mountain People’s Surivival from West Virginia, Croatan Earth First! in North Carolina, and Everglades Earth First!  in Florida.  The online site Frackindustry.org is now up and running for people to take solidarity actions!  It’s time to disrupt the chain of supply…

Link to the Flickr protest pictures: Mass Anti-Fracking Action

WSOTV Coverage

For a full press release of the action on Earth First! Newswire

Bizjournals Article & Slideshow

senPolice in Western North Carolina instigated altercations and raised tensions at site by calling in all of their forces, a prison transport bus, and state police.  State police left site and said they…

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