Can We Save Southwest Oklahoma’s Longhorn Mountain From the Rock Crusher?

11 Jul
Longhorn Mountain (corrected)
Longhorn Mountain

from My1073fm

Longhorn Mountain is located in the beautiful Wichita Mountains in Southwest Oklahoma.  It is about to be destroyed by the rock company Stewart Stone.  A representative from the rock company states they “will begin blasting by the end of this summer.”  We need to STOP them!

The Wichita Mountains are historically significant as they are one of the oldest mountain ranges in the United States.

An article titled  “Oklahoma History and Culture” from the Oklahoma State Universities Historical Society tells of the significance these mountains have played in the history of our state.

Not only is this mountain part of the beautiful Wichita Mountains but it is also a sacred mountain to the Kiowa Tribe. They pray on this mountain and they harvest the cedar from this mountain for their sacred cedaring ceremonies.  Joe Fish, a Kiowa tribal member, frequently climbs the mountain to pray.  Fish told KFOR News, “This is only place in the world this cedar grows. It has it’s own unique smell, and it’s what God, he gave us this sacred mountain and sacred cedar, and we hold it dearly.”

I have started a petiton that we will forward to Governor Fallin.

You can sign the petition here!

Stewart Stone can be contacted at (918) 225-2704

UPDATE 07/04/13 – Over 650 signatures have been added to the online petition.  We have also attracted the attention of AIM (American Indian Movement) and they have promised to support our petition and forward the information to CNN The Situation Room. They stated it would be on President Obama’s desk by the end of the week!  Thank you for sharing this information.  Please continue to request signatures from your friends and family. The residents of this area are talking a LOT about this right now!

UPDATE 07/03/13 – I corrected the photograph that was in the post to the correct picture of Longhorn Mountain.  We have over 500 signatures on the petition from all over the country!  Please share this with whomever you think might sign the petition.  The more voices we get the louder we are!

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