Ojibwe Chief Calls for Non-Violence

13 Jul

from WEAU.com

In case you the sight of those paramilitary mercinaries lurking around the woods of Wisconsin boiled your blood enough to contemplate “upping the ante,” consider these words from the Ojibwe Chief Mike Wiggins:


(Bad River Tribe Press Release) According to Chairman Mike Wiggins, Jr., “Although we believe that the actions taken by Gogebic Taconite leading to the destruction of the Bad River headwaters and contamination of our surface and ground water resources would be criminal, we absolutely condemn any planned or improvised act of violence or vandalism against the industry or companies, and emphatically discourage any person to take part in any violent action,” continued Mike Wiggins, “ Nonviolent civil resistance, if necessary, has to be our response as ordinary citizens against extraordinary injustice. Large-scale mountain-top removal threatens the health and security of our communities, and nonviolent action proportional to the threat is required.”

“The majority of people living within the Bad River Watershed do not welcome any mining-related activities in their community, including the recent addition of masked, armed guards operating illegally in northern Wisconsin. It is irresponsible to continue pursuing this project without the consent of the local communities that would be most affected by the blasting, toxic dust and perpetual water contamination associated with this project. Nothing in the state’s new Iron Mining Bill contemplates how this massive project could affect our families’ health and the deep connection we have to what are irreplaceable land and water resources.”

The Bad River Band of Lake Superior Chippewa continues to oppose any activities related to mining in the Penokee Hills. The Penokee Hills are the source for the nation’s sacred water, which is also necessary for sustaining all life within the Bad River Watershed. An open-pit mountaintop removal mine – proposed by Gogebic Taconite LLC – would contaminate those sacred waters with sulfides and heavy metals for generations, threatening the health of the people and the delicate ecosystems treasured by those who live here.

The Bad River Band of Lake Superior Chippewa encourages concerned citizens to freely exercise their constitutionally-protected rights of association and freedom of speech to raise awareness about the urgent nature of our plight, and as necessary, to engage in nonviolent civil resistance. Nonviolent civil resistance involves peaceful demonstrations in line with the transformative community organizing carried out by Mahatma Gandhi and Martin Luther King, Jr., and is consistent with the seven Anishinabe values of: humility, love, honesty, truth, bravery, respect and wisdom.

With over 7,000 members, the Bad River Band of Lake Superior Tribe of Chippewa Indians is located on an over 124,000-acre reservation in an area within Ashland and Iron Counties on the south shore of Lake Superior (known by the tribe as Gichi Gami). The Ojibwe people have a long and rich heritage throughout the Great Lakes region and at Odanah on Lake Superior prior to European traders, missionaries and settlers. Treaties signed by eleven Ojibwe Tribes ceded territory in the region, including what is currently the upper one third of the State of Wisconsin. Learn more about the Bad River Band of Lake Superior Tribe of Chippewa Indians on their website, badriver-nsn.gov.

One Response to “Ojibwe Chief Calls for Non-Violence”

  1. madravenspeak July 14, 2013 at 10:56 am #

    Speaking of the sacred waters and the “delicate balance”, decades of massive killing of our wildlife by the un-sacred few who are obsessed with more and more killing, culminating in running packs of dogs across the entire Wisconsin public landscape on any creature that moves – killing coyotes with packs of dogs night and day, year-round, statewide ( which means displacing wildlife any and everywhere all the time ) – running black bears now from July 1 through the slaughter of more bears than anywhere in the world – 5,000 last year, and 4,000 this year ( 2/3 of them cubs 8 months to a year and a half old – shaken out of trees to give the dogs blood lust as they are torn apart), trapping in all publicly purchased lands mangling, bludgeoning and crushing a million animals a year ( unimaginable ), and culminating in running dogs on wolves from October 15 through the end of February, massacring a fragile population of families that it took millions of dollars, thousands of volunteers and 38 years to bring to that point – there is nothing delicate or sacred about the LIFE of the 99.9999% species that are non-human in this state or in this country.

    About four million animals are killed in Wisconsin annually – mostly for fun and macho. This is obscene. With the rise of the crossbow ( silent for poaching ), trapping expanded when 90 countries have banned it for its cruelty, and the use of packs of dogs taught to be vicious all over the state – we are turning into a state that will only attract those who enjoy inflicting violence – others are fleeing. ( Wisconsin is rated number one in cruelty in the United States.)

    It is appalling that all this homo-centric concern for our human lives does not consider all LIFE sacred and be as outraged over this tragedy of serial killing mania – easily stopped if the general public organized at http://www.wiwildlifeethic.org to counter the very organized Wisconsin Wildlife Federation of George Meyer’s killing fanatics. There will always be cruel people but society is supposed to set the parameters to protect life and ecosystems – and not just the land, air and water for human consumption. We are warned that we are at a tipping point of collapse. Wildlife populations are crashing worldwide ( 35% down in 35 years ) as human over-population continues to explode exponentially and we are warned by the United Nations and Nature Magazine, the IUCN and the Union of Concerned Scientists that we are destroying the web of life that supports human life and our own extinction will join the extinction of over 98% of the species that have lived on earth.

    We are a failed species, to date. Where are your priorities? Join us at http://www.wiwildlifeethic.org to save the wolf, bears, deer, and other creatures of the woods in Wisconsin – end the slaughterhouses that are 51% cause of global warming ( Worldwatch Institute) and get real about respect, compassion, love. I have 65 pro bono columns archived there under the title of my every other Sunday column Madravenspeak, on the Capital Times online newspaper web site.

    Life is short – make yours matter at this critical time.

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