ALF and ELF Strike in Europe

21 Jul


from Bite Back

From the UK: “on june 11th in solidarity with Eric Mcdavid and Marie Mason and all animal liberation prisoners 150 hens were liberated from an oppressive intensive farm in the south of england.all the hens are now in safe new homes for life.untill all are free”

From Germany:  “The last night we visited a Ford store in Berlin, we left a package with a fake bomb and a message ‘This sick infatuation with life’s destruction, this grotesque embodiment of decay, a new world will rise from this disfunction, when the institutions of oppression are laid to waste’ and wrote ELF in one of their vans. This multinational is nothing more than another symbol of our disgusting civilization, with their oil, wars, destruction of the planet and animals habitats, enslavement of human-animals and pure capitalism. For Walter Bond, Marie Mason and all the victims of The Green Scare

-Animal and Earth Liberation”


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