Ontario Activists Arrested at Home

25 Jul

from Toronto Media Coop

Update 1:12AM: The police forcefully entered the apartment with warrants to collect computers, hard drives, cameras, memory cards and other digital media. More charges may follow.

Update 1:06AM: Mike and Bailey will be appearing in London Ontario Court at 9:45AM. A Facebook page has been created to co-ordinate court support.

The Indigants Facebook page is reporting tonight that Mike Roy and Bailey Goldman-Sagan have been arrested at their home on charges of mischief and conspiracy. There is no information at this time on what alleged events the charges may be related to.

They are both expected to make a court appearance in the morning at which time more details may come to light.

The Indigants is an anarchist media collective that covers stories relevant to the marginalized and under-represented. Mike is a founding member of The Indigants, he and Bailey have travelled far and wide covering indigenous, social, environmental and animal rights issues.

Correction: It was earlier reported that Mike and Bailey would be appearing in court via video conference. It has now been confirmed they will appear in person.

One Response to “Ontario Activists Arrested at Home”

  1. happy reader July 31, 2013 at 11:22 am #

    I`m not sure if Bailey surname is correct here, would be nice if someone confirm right version. Here http://toronto.mediacoop.ca/story/activists-arrested-home-london/18377 it was corrected.
    I wish whoever Bailey and friend are they will stay forever free.

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