54 Grandparents and Grandchildren Blockade ERM

26 Jul

from Earth First! News

54 grandparents and grandkids blocked work inside ERM, the oil contractor in charge of writing the environmental review for the Keystone XL, as part of the Walk for our Grandchildren demonstration to raise consciousness about militarization and climate change.

ERM is a massive corporation hid their ties to big oil companies like Exxon Mobil and even TransCanada—an illegal act that exposes deep conflict of interest.

So today, activists for Walk for Our Grandchildren locked down in front of the ERM offices, refusing to let business as usual proceed.

We do have reports of some police violence, but activists held down the barricade for over four hours—a testament to their bravery. All 54 activists have been arrested, and there is a support team working to get them out.

Here is one rad grannie with her walker being led to the cop van. More updates to come.

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