Willits Action Update

6 Aug

from EF! Humboldt

People rallied this morning on the north end of town as festival goers headed south from Reggae on the River. Actions have continued as the town government dukes it out over allowing Caltrans contractors to use city streets for work vehicles. The wick stitchers draw nearer to the tree-sitters every day. Recently, two women locked down to a massive bulldozer in the intense summer heat.

(from Save Little Lake Valley)

July 30th

In yet another stealthy pre-dawn action, protesters against the Caltrans bypass around Willits again snuck onto the construction site, this time on the south end of the route, locking themselves to a giant bulldozer called a ripper. The machine is tearing apart a hillside and using the soil to fill in wetlands and streams to build a freeway. For the first time, press has access to the protest site, after Willits News photographer Steve Eberhard was arrested when he tried to cover a protest last week.

Two women, Kim Bancroft and Maureen Kane, have locked their hands around the equipment in welded steel tubes, which are difficult to remove and must be sawn through. A third protester, Steve Keyes, was arrested when he would not leave their side, where he was stationed with water. Temperatures have been in the nineties all week. Read the rest here.

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