Canadian Fossil Fuel Industry Exploring NGO Partnerships

9 Aug

by Niko / Earth First! Newswire

CIM ICMIt was spotted by Unist’ot’en folks: on August 11th, in Montreal, the Canadian Institute of Mining, Metallurgy and Petroleum will host a workshop for representatives of NGOs and mining companies, to “present perspectives, and identify potential partners on the ground.”

“This will be an opportunity to meet one another face-to-face in an informal setting,” the website says, “[and] will culminate in a ‘speed-dating’ exercise that will allow for maximum exposure and impact.”

Workshops such as these allow incredibly toxic partnerships to come alive, capable of winning the hearts of America’s middle class while simultaneously co-opting grassroots movements and stabbing communities in the back. With NGO’s playing the “good cop” role, exploitative industry becomes even more potent.

There are two days before this takes place. Please remember that, although the registration deadline has passed, anyone who decides to take autonomous action outside of the venue or covertly within the venue would have the potential to disrupt the goings-on, and potentially stop such toxic partnerships from springing up.

Just sayin’.

For those thinking of attending the workshop, check out A Call For More Meeting Disruptions for some inspiration.

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