Threats and Intimidation Used Against Mexican Anti-Incineration Groups

17 Aug

from GAIA


Communities organize to stop waste incineration in the state of Hidalgo

[Please see this earlier post for background on this story –the Editors]

Jorge Tadeo Vargas Juvera, residing in the State of Mexico, has provided support, technical advice and information to communities in the states of Mexico and Hidalgo around the socio-environmental impacts of waste incineration in cement kilns and on community-based alternatives for waste management.

For about four months, Jorge Tadeo has received indirect signals and then a telephone threat that made it clear that he is being watched by people who have an interest in the cessation of his community work. Recently, he was awakened by a phone call with an “out of area” ID. A male voice said, “Quit upsetting the chicken coop, especially you who likes to travel alone,” and hung up.

In the past two years, Jorge Tadeo Vargas Juvera has provided support for a peaceful resistance campaign against waste incineration in cement kilns. This is part of the work carried out with the Collective Revuelta Verde, and the Global Alliance for Incinerator Alternatives.

The campaign succeeded in stopping an agreement between the company Cementos Mexicanos (Cemex) and the Government of the Federal District to burn 3000 tons a day of waste in its plant in Huichapan, Hidalgo. Jorge Tadeo has accompanied these communities in campaigns against other incinerators, with the objective of implementing better waste management alternatives, including zero waste.

You can sign a petition to support this initiative here.

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