Hey Earth First!, Time to Get Busy!

20 Aug

earth-firstMore Full Time Direct Action campaigns about to kick off this Summer…

from Earth First! Newswire

At the 2012 Earth First! Rendezvous, during the 4th in a series of workshops intending to “Give EF! a Kick in the Ass,” facilitators proposed what was initially called the “FTDA Pledge” [FTDA = Full Time Direct Action]. The result was a list of people who expressed the desire to be contacted when crucial campaigns were in need of support at critical times.

The workshop discussed what sort of criteria would be used in making these “call-outs” for support.

What was decided together was that they should be: (1) Strategic and well thought-out campaigns, (2) Community-led with strong local organizing looking for support, (3) Against mega-infrastructure

With goals being strong participation in actions that can strengthen the EF! network; renew the culture and spirit of ecological resistance; and radicalize other movements, groups and individuals.

According to EF!ers on the ground last year in East Texas, the Tar Sands Blockades fit very squarely in these criteria, so we called for support from EF! activists around the US, and they came.

There has since been a suggestion to call the FTDA pledge “the Crunch” (a nod to the Movement for a New Society), highlighting the limited window of space that is often present for a rapid escalation of direct action tactics and strategy. 

The following text is modified from an email sent out to EF! activists nationwide regarding organizing efforts which have been discussed and found to also fit the above criteria. If you can plug in to these campaigns over the next few weeks with skills, supplies, time, energy, funds, etc, it could be pivotal moments for the growth of the movement.

Check out the details below. Send it out over local EF! lists. Hope to see you out there. 

you_shall_not_pass_by_mihawqThis summer is getting crazy…

tree-sits, blockades, and free states popping up across the country.  Several groups have asked us recently to activate this list and try and get some folks to head their way.  If you don’t already live in one of these places, please try and figure out getting there to throw down in persyn, or take some time to do a solidarity action or fundraiser.  Thanks for signing up, hope this helps you find something fun to do!                                          

* Defend wild areas from Fracking in Pennsylvania: EF! organizers are working steadily with folks from the region to one of defend the last wild area in PA—1,000s of acres of woods slated to have over 2 dozen well pads, plus access roads and related fracking infrastructure.  This area is home to several rare and threatened species including the Timber Rattlesnake, Northern Water Shrew,  Yellow Bellied Flycatcher, as well as several carnivorous plants. Unique habitats such as high elevation wetlands and exceptional value streams teeming with trout are also threatened. The locals are calling this place their line in the sand. EF! organizers are looking for folks to fill different roles such as: legal support, climbing and media, and to invite folks experienced with tree sitting, blockades and backwoods actions as well as anyone willing to live in the woods or throw down regardless of prior experience.  The industry may start road work in October in preparation for tree cutting to build well pads as early as November 1st, so we need your help to stop them!

If you can make it to PA, plan to be as self-sufficient as possible.   Plan on camping, and coming for as little as a week to indefinitely.  Contact MarcellusEF [at] riseup [dot] net for more info.

* Stop Enbridge’s Tar Sands Pipeline in Indiana: Similar to “Middle Earth” (the initial blockade in East Texas), there is a spot in Indiana—which happens to have a proposed tar sands pipeline on it, where people are encouraged to come visit.  Tree clearing could start soon, and folks are making plans to set up a long-term free state and tree village.  If you have climbing or blockading experience, or want to learn, head on out.  There is at least one nearby support house, but folks are encouraged to come ready to camp on the land and help create this free state—and all of the things needed there—from a kitchen to shitters, from kubati court to blockades.

Please contact fearlesssummerfreestate [at] riseup [dot] net to get plugged in.

There it is.  Get in touch, have fun, and stay in trouble.

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