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3,000 Protest Chevron at Summer Heat in Richmond

4 Aug

Photo from Twitter #summerheat

by Earth First! News

Almost 3,000 protestors came out to Richmond, CA, yesterday to highlight this year’s Summer Heat campaign. Raising awareness about climate change and its biggest contributors, the demonstration marked the One-Year Anniversary of the Chevron Fire—a fireball at the Chevron refinery in Richmond that sent 15,000 people to the hospital with breathing problems and injured 6 workers.

The campaign for environmental justice in Richmond has been compared to the efforts to shut down a harmful incinerator in Detroit—it’s a campaign spearheaded by local people of color and environmental justice groups, and supported by large convergences like Summer Heat. Yesterday, for example, saw joining with the Industrial Workers of the World on an environmental justice campaign. If that doesn’t give you goosebumps, I don’t know what will.

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Mapuche, Human Rights Activists Slam Argentina’s Chevron Deal

18 Jul

By Deborah Ray / AP

The Argentine government’s long-sought deal with Chevron Corp. to exploit shale oil reserves in Patagonia was strongly criticized Wednesday by Mapuche Indians, human rights activists, environmentalists and leftists who called it a sellout to the U.S. that could drain and pollute the nation’s resources.

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A New Epidose in the Chevron vs Ecuador Saga

17 Jul


Cross Posted from The Chevron Pit

The Disturbing Story of the Secret Invoices of Max Gitter and Theodore Katz

Just when you thought Judge Lewis A. Kaplan’s maneuverings in favor of Chevron in the Ecuador case could not get any worse, they just did.

The controversial judge, who was unanimously reversed by an appellate court in an earlier phase of the case when he tried to impose an illegal injunction blocking the Ecuador judgment, now appears to be openly running a “pay-to-play” courtroom right in the heart of Manhattan.

The latest evidence: Judge Kaplan has socked impoverished indigenous groups in Ecuador with the exorbitant and secret bills of two “Special Masters” he appointed to oversee depositions in the case.  The Special Masters, Max Gitter and Theodore Katz, are longtime friends and professional colleagues of Kaplan.  Gitter was his former law partner and Katz served for many years as the chief magistrate judge on the court where Kaplan sits before opening a lucrative private mediation practice.

Hang on to your seats for this one.

When Judge Kaplan floated the idea several months ago of appointing Gitter and Katz at Chevron’s request, the Ecuadorians and their longtime U.S. lawyer, Steven Donziger, objected strenuously.  See this letter from famed trial lawyer John Keker for details.  Not only did Gitter have a track record of blatant bias against Donziger, the fees were way behind what the Ecuadorians and Donziger could afford.  Further, there was no need for the Special Masters.

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Labor and Community Battle Chevron over Environment

4 Jul


By Juan Lopez / PeoplesWorld, joined by local groups and unions, last week announced plans for a massive protest Aug. 3 at California’s Chevron Richmond oil refinery.

The largest greenhouse gas polluter in the state, Chevron, along with the other four Bay Area refineries, is already refining tar sands oil from Canada, brought into the area by rail.

Chevron is among industry giants pressing for presidential approval of the controversial Keystone XL pipeline project that would exponentially increase the flow of “dirty” tar sands oil into refineries, locally and throughout the nation.

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Unist’ot’en Supporters Deliver Message to Chevron Global Headquarters

30 Mar



In solidarity with a global day of actions happening all over North America on March 30, a group called Anti-Colonial Queer Action (ACQA) traveled from San Francisco to San Ramon, CA (Ohlone Territories), where Chevron has its global headquarters, to demonstrate against fracking pipelines on Unist’ot’en and Wet’suwet’en territories and deliver a message from the Unist’ot’en to Chevron.

ACQA hoisted a banner that stated “No Fracking Pipelines on Indigenous Territories,” to the flagpoles outside of Chevron’s compound at 6001 Bollinger Canyon Rd.Afterwards, members of ACQA read out and delivered a letter, written by Unist’ot’en spokesperson Freda Huson. Continue reading

Chevron Diesel Spill in Utah is Larger than First Thought

26 Mar

FeatureImageWILLARD, Utah — A Chevron fuel spill near a northern Utah bird refuge is much worse than originally thought as up to 27,000 gallons might have leaked, authorities said.

A split in a pipeline that runs from Salt Lake City to Spokane, Wash., is suspected of releasing diesel fuel into soil and marshes at Willard Bay State Park, according to the U.S. Transportation Department’s Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration.

The agency has filed a corrective action order against Chevron Pipe Line Co. that requires it to gain government approval before the pipeline can reopen. The order also requires Chevron to operate the pipeline at only 80 percent of normal pressure once it reopens. Continue reading

Day of Action Against Chevron and the Pacific Trail Pipeline

7 Mar

Call for solidarity actions March 30 2013

“No consent? No fracking pipelines, no climate crimes!”

American oil giant Chevron wants to build a destructive pipeline across unceded indigenous territory to carry fracked gas to the coast, and export climate change to the world. We say NO. We do not need fracked gas, we do not want another pipeline and we will not stand by as colonial governments and greedy corporations push us over the climate catastrophe cliff edge. Chevron is the new corporate face of the Pacific Trail Pipeline project, having recently become 50/50 partners with Apache to build a fracking gas pipeline across 500 kilometres of largely unceded land, from Summit Lake to LNG plants planned for Kitimat.

On March 30th we will greet them with resistance across BC and around the world. As politicians put economic growth and industry interests ahead of carbon common sense and indigenous rights, it is up to us take direct action to raise the cost of pushing ahead with the project, and raise the stakes in the PR battle.

We encourage autonomous creative direct action against Chevron and any others involved in the development and financing of Pacific Trail Pipeline. Occupy offices, drop banners, demonstrate in city centers, lock-down at the pumps, subvert the Chevron brand, hand out leaflets… the choice is yours! Everywhere they operate, Chevron exploits land and people for money, often through the use of force, and without taking responsibility for the consequences. Battles against environmental racism and illegal oil wars, movements for indigenous sovereignty and migrant justice – we amplify our resistance by uniting our struggles, so we are calling for solidarity actions and events against Chevron across Canada and around the world.

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Lithuania Delays Declaration of Chevron as Shale Gas Exploration Winner Due to Protests

27 Feb

Cross Posted from KyivPost

Vilnius – Because of public protests, the Lithuanian Environment Ministry has delayed a meeting of the Commission for Hydrocarbon Resource Exploitation scheduled for Wednesday, where American energy concern Chevron might have been announced the winner of a shale gas exploration tender.

$10 Million to Injured Workers from Chevron Payout

12 Feb

A “drop in the bucket,” most of the payouts covered medical exams and treatments at hospitals for those sickened by the smoke from the Richmond, CA refinery fire.

Chevron paid approximately $10 million to cover medical expenses and other claims in the wake of the fire at its Richmond refinery on Aug. 6. Most of those payouts went to local hospitals to cover medical exams and treatment received by residents sickened by toxin-filled smoke that spread for miles after the fire.  At least 15,000 people sought medical treatment due to health issues related to the fire, and 23,900 claims had been filed as of last week to cover costs incurred due to the blaze.

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Toxic Fire at Chevron Refinery in Richmond, Calif

7 Aug

by Justin Berton, Kevin Fagan and Vivian Ho

Smoke from the Chevron refinery fills the sky above Richmond after a series of explosions beginning around 6:15 p.m. No one was killed, Chevron said.

Thousands of East Bay residents were ordered to stay in their homes with the windows and doors closed Monday night after a series of explosions and fires tore through Chevron’s Richmond refinery.

The explosions started about 6:15 p.m., and at least two large fires spewed thick, black smoke into the darkening sky.

The fire started at the refinery’s No. 4 Crude Unit, Chevron officials said. Just before 6:30 p.m., an inspection crew discovered that there was a diesel leak in a line in the unit – and that the leak was growing.

Shortly after the crew evacuated the area, the diesel ignited, said Nigel Hearne, manager of the refinery.

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