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Flash Mob to Protect Our City! Stop Spectra & Rockaway Pipelines

11 Jul


(Photo by Mickey Z.)

from Fearless Summer

On June 26, during lunchtime in one of Manhattan’s busiest neighborhoods, local activists—including some from OWS and Occupy the Pipeline—delivered a dose of puppet- and prop-powered street theater.

New Yorkers watched in awe as two massive pipelines attempted to invade their city—only to be repelled by wind-powered human unity.

Spectra Showdown: Arrests begin at blockade against pipeline in NYC

7 Sep

Yesterday the ongoing “Spectra Showdown,” turned into the scene of civil disobedience that the group has been anticipating. At least two people have been reportedly arrested.

After pre-construction in July, Spectra Energy begins a new phase of construction today that has involved shipments of materials on a barge on the Hudson and from the West Side Highway. Spectra hardhats were seen on people digging at 8:30 this morning right next to the bike path while protesters gathered next to them. A barge with a crane was on the River. The protesters held banners but it wasn’t until after 10 AM that two were arrested.

View slideshow: Protest at Spectra site


BREAKING: Occupy the Pipeline Disrupts NYC Gala

20 May


Cross Posted from OccupythePipeline

BREAKING! OtP took to the high seas today to interrupt the New York League of Conservation Voters’ Spring Gala, which was funded by the hydro fracking industry and thrown in honor of Michael Bloomberg.

The New York League of Conservation Voters is hosting a Spring Gala tonight, May 20, 2013, honoring New York’s Mayor Michael Bloomberg for being environmentally friendly. While Bloomberg has some green policies, there is a big non-green blot on his record. Bloomberg’s push for NYC buildings to convert from #4 or #6 oil to fracked natural gas and the attendant plethora of gas pipelines (built while waiting for permission to be built) including Spectra’s on the Gansevoort Peninsula, all touted as Eco-friendly while actually bad for the environment and potentially very dangerous.

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FPL brings pipeline wars to Florida’s Everglades

11 Dec

FPL pipeline_mapDespite growing resistance against oil and gas pipelines across North America, energy companies continue to push their plans for expansion.

Perhaps you’ve heard of the Spectra, Constitution and Millennium pipelines in New York; the PTP and Enbridge pipelines across Canada; and, of course, the Keystone XL under construction in East Texas…  These pipelines are all specifically aimed at accommodating the extreme extraction practices of shale fracking and tar sands.

Now you can add FPL’s proposed pipeline to the list. Though the plan was already rejected once by Florida’s Public Service Commission, its back again. According to the Palm Beach Post:

Florida Power & Light (FPL) has proposed a multibillion-dollar gas pipeline that would run from Alabama to Martin County, and is seeking bids from companies interested in building what would become the state’s third major pipeline.

Juno Beach-based FPL, which continues to invest billions in power plants that run on natural gas, plans to issue a formal request for proposals to prospective bidders on Dec. 19, spokesman Mark Bubriski said Monday. The new pipeline is projected to begin operating in 2017.

“This pipeline would be designed to access more domestic on-shore shale gas reserves [fracking] from all over the country,” Bubriski said.

A history of recent resistance to FPL

FPL garnered nationwide attention from environmental activists when an Earth First! action shut down a construction site of theirs in 2008. The Everglades EF! group joined the Palm Beach County Environmental Coalition in a several year campaign obstructing the plant and its needed infrastructure. Over 50 activists were arrested in occupations and blockades Continue reading

Blockade Showdown Against Fracking Pipeline in Manhattan

14 Aug

by Shannon Ayala

Activists gathered yesterday at a sanitation pier near the West Side Highway in Lower Manhattan where Spectra Energy has begun construction on a natural gas pipeline (which partially picks up gas in the Marcellus Shale area where hydrofracking currently takes place in Pennsylvania). Some of the participants had been there since four a.m. awaiting a potential shipment of materials for construction at the driveway of the pier. Dozens, possibly over a hundred more activists came by the day’s end and waited until after dark, planning to return at daybreak.

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Tuesday: Stop Spectra, Resist Fracking In NYC

4 Jun

Cross Posted from OccupyWallStreet

Stop Spectra: New Yorkers Resist Hydro-fracking and a Dangerous and Unnecessary Gas Pipeline

What: Corporate terrorists are threatening to blow up a huge chunk of Manhattan, poison New Yorkers with radioactive gas, pollute our drinking water, and contribute to climate change. WE ARE GOING TO STOP THEM.
Where: Assemble at United Nations (East 42nd and 1st Ave)
When: Tuesday, June 5th, 12-4pm
More info:
Noon-1pm: Converge during Food and Water Watch rally against privatization of natural resources, U.S. support for hydrofracking.
1:15pm: March leaves
2-3pm: Picket at Blackrock corporate headquarters (52nd between Madison and Park) to demand divestment from Spectra and Chesapeake Energy
3-3:30pm: Picket at FERC office (34th street just west of 5th Ave.) to demand that regulators reverse their decision to approve the project. Soapbox to brainstorm ideas for direct action to stop the pipeline.
Last week, the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) approved the Spectra natural gas pipeline. The pipeline offers no long-term benefit to New Yorkers, presents a HUGE safety hazard to millions, and will exacerbate our degradation of ecosystems and contribution to climate change through the hydro-fracking process, through which natural gas is extracted. WE MUST STOP THIS corporate menace to our city and our environment before construction begins (which it might as soon as this summer).

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40 Climate Solidarity Actions Launch Worldwide to Defend Our Homes From Dirty Energy and Climate Change

16 Nov

Cross Posted from Tar Sands Blockade

UPDATE: Thursday, Nov. 15th – Four arrested for shutting down an American Petroleum Institute luncheon in New Orleans

Four protestors where arrested after a group of over a dozen shut down an American Petroleum Institiute luncheon in the Roosevelt Hotel in New Orleans, Louisiana. Today’s action in solidarity with Tar Sands Blockade was in response to Hurricane Sandy and the newly approved Parkway Oil Pipeline that would endanger the cities beloved Lake Pontchartrain.

New Orleans residents understand what the impacts of climate change mean for the health and safety of their community. The climate super powered storm of Hurricane Sandy serves as an all too familiar reminder of the devastation these more frequent storms will bring to the most vulnerable families around the globe. Today over a dozen organizers marched in the streets and shut down the American Petroleum Institute luncheon to protest the source of this threat, Big Oil’s stranglehold on our economy and our livable future. They chanted: “No pipeline! No tar sands! No destruction of Louisiana land!”

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After Summer of Solidarity, Eco-Activists Building Autumn of Unity

21 Oct

Cross Posted from Dissident Voice

By Peter Rugh

A hard rain was falling on Monday night as Occupy the Pipeline activists spread out along New York’s Hudson River Park, in front of the site where workers in orange day-glow vests have been laboring around the clock on the New Jersey-New York Expansion Project. Known colloquially by the name of its builder, Spectra Energy, the Spectra Pipeline will pump fuel hydraulically-fracked from Pennsylvania’s gas fields into New York City. The very real risk of explosion along the densely populated regions through which the pipeline passes have made local residents want nothing to do with the project, as evidenced by letters submitted to the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission during the pipeline’s approval process, when only 22 of the 5,000 letters were in the project’s favor. Nor are even those thousands of opponents alone; Monday’s action was part of a nationwide day of actions against fossil fuel infrastructure.

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Occupy Well Street [OWS Stands in Solidarity Fighting Extraction]

17 May

New York, NY- May 12-

Occupy Wall Street  partnered with Occupy Well Street, a regional, direct action oriented anti-fracking group, and other city and regional environmental groups to voice resistance to the Spectra Energy Natural Gas Pipeline and the issues associated with hydraulic fracturing. A broad coalition of groups were present, including New York’s Sane Energy Project, Reverend Billy, OWS’s Environmental Solidarity Group, Times Up, Eco-Buddies, and Earth First!. Colorful and joyful, many protesters arrived in a costumed bike brigade and participated in some clown trainings on Pier 54, the proposed entry point for the pipeline. Some of the groups present say they were acting in solidarity with a day of action called for May 19th by Occupy Well Street.

There was unity in the broad coalition in the message that those opposed to the Spectra Pipeline will not compromise in protecting the safety of their communities and will pursue a variety of strategies to see this project ended. “The Spectra Pipeline isn’t being built in a vacuum,” said a protestor affiliated with Occupy Well Street. “There is a natural gas boom in our region right now that’s threatening our rivers, our homes and the eco-systems that we rely on. We stand in solidarity with all the groups resisting fracking and the transportation infrastructure that will allow the natural gas industry to expand.”

The Spectra Pipeline is a 16 mile natural gas pipeline that will run through Jersey City, Hoboken, and Bayonne under the Hudson River to New York City’s West Village. Spectra Energy claims that it will provide necessary natural gas for New York City and surrounding areas. Activist groups opposed to the pipeline claim that inadequate safety standards, a history of accidents and the fact that the gas will be provided by hydraulic fracturing in the Marcellus Shale are unacceptable risks for the highly populated areas the pipeline will pass through. There have been numerous protests at Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) hearings throughout the environmental review process.  Continue reading

Unis’tot’en Action Camp

29 Aug

Report from the struggle to stop the Pacific Trails Pipeline


This is the second video has produced about the struggle to stop a natural gas transport project called the Pacific Trails Pipeline or PTP. The Unis’tot’en, a clan of the Wet’suet’en Nation have built a protection camp to bock PTP, in so called British Columbia in Canada. This is the third time the Unis’tot’en have called for a convergence in their territories.

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