Panagioti – Collective member of the Earth First! Journal, writer, editor, coordinator of the Earth First! Speakers Bureau, compulsive movement organizer, bearded Greek. Send him your deepest (and dirtiest) thoughts: pana[at]

Nettle – celebrating four years of working and volunteering on the Journal Collective! Most of this time has been spent trying to understand how a bunch of anarcho-anti-capitalists can better run a non-profit publication effectively, perhaps in another four years Nettle will have a better idea how to do that. You can reach her directly at: nettle[at]

Molly J – Graphic designer, collective member of the Earth First! Journal, on the quest for the strength garnered in radical movements from a multiplicity of perspectives, insight, and organizing strategies through the lenses of visual communication and intersectionality. Contact them at mollyjane[at]

Russ – a long distance member of the Earth First! Journal collective. He likes to think of himself as the poetry and fiction editor, and can currently be found shading beneath a saguaro at the Tucson, Arizona field office.  He can be reached at: russ[at]



Sasha – another long distance member of the Earth First! Journal collective and co-founder of the newswire site. He likes to write book reviews while soaking up the temperate rainforest ecosystem of the Pacific Northwest. He can be reached at: lilac[at]

4 Responses to “Contributors”

  1. Alison Guzman February 13, 2013 at 9:11 pm #

    We are partnering with a Mapuche indigenous community in Chile to help them set up their own member-owned financial institution they can manage to support the indigenous eco-tourism venture they have in place. We hope to expand to create a pilot stage project on a culturally appropriate model that caters to the community’s needs and their environmental land based ethics. We are in the early stages and are looking for all kinds of support so I wanted to inquire as to whether the International Ecotourism Society would be interested in keeping in touch with our initiatives and successes?

    Might you know of someone who I can contact who would be interested in finding more about the project?

    I look forward to your response. Warmest regards,


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