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Join the Rolling Balcombe Fracking Blockade: September 1st – 28th

2 Sep

Cuadzilla-Balcome-Rolling-Blockade-Red-Versionfrom No Dash For Gas

Fracking company Cuadrilla’s governmental licence to drill in Balcombe ends on September 28th. The government may be allowing them to drill but they have no social licence from the people of Balcombe to frack their land and threaten their water supply.  Neither do they have any mandate to begin an entire wave of fracking across the country. The vast majority of people in the UK want cleaner, greener energy.
After the upsurge of climate activism at Reclaim the Power in August, let’s make these last 28 days count. Let’s halt their work at Balcombe, and also send a strong message to those wanting to frack elsewhere.

A blockade has been on-going at the drilling site, but trucks have still been getting through. Now it’s time to up the ante.

We invite groups from around the country to come and play a part in a 28 day rolling blockade.

Think creatively and act responsibly. Pick a weekday before September 28, gather friends and useful kit get yourselves to Balcombe.

Fracking is stoppable, another world is possible.

* People are reminded that this is a peaceful blockade and that the Balcombe camp is alcohol-free.

* For further information please contact

* Follow us on Twitter (@28_dayslater) and like us on Facebook (

TWAC Maine October 19th-21st!

22 Aug

twacmainefrom TWAC

Trans and/or Womyn’s Action Camp, October 19 – 21. Augusta region, Maine.

Who: TWAC is an action camp for folks who identify as female and/or trans, gender queer and gender variant. This space is not for people who were assigned male identities and continue to identify that way. TWAC Maine aims to bring folks together to grow solidarity and community in our region of the world.

What: TWAC Maine is inspired by similar action camps around the country, committed to building safer spaces and united cultures of resistance. At TWAC we will share campaign information, organizing and direct action skills in a conscientious and empowering environment for voices often marginalized. At then end of the camp we will take collective action, as decided by those who attend.

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Rad Events in the Southeast Supporting Earth First! Media

15 Aug

Greensboro EFJ punk showfrom EF! Newswire

Several great things are coming around the bend for folks looking to support Earth First! Media and the general EF! movement in the southeastern US.

This weekend in North Carolina is jam packed with events organized by Croatan EF!, Katuah EF! and the EF! Journal Collective. It Looks something like this:

Friday Aug 16: At 6pm there’s a debate/discussion in Chapel Hill between the insurrectionist author of “The Issues are not the Issue” and an editor of the EF! Journal.

Saturday Aug 17: from 2-5pm, a workshop on EF! Media, and live “Earth Nightly News” broadcast; 8pm A benefit punk/hardcore show in Greensboro. Continue reading

No Compromise: A Compilation in Defense of the Wild

7 Aug


Earth First! Has Released a Punk Compilation Benefit Album

Celebrating 34 years in print and direct action, the Earth First! Journal is the voice of the radical direct action environmental movement. Punk is an artistic movement founded in the same era on the principles of resistance and, as a culture, continues to boldly challenge a destructive system. The EF!J collective presents this compilation of punk bands that share a no-compromise attitude towards defense of the living world, in order to draw these two powerful forms of communication together. All profits from the  album’s sales go to Earth First! Media projects, organizing expenses, and legal funds.

The compilation comes with a book featuring exclusive interviews between band members, heads of punk labels like Will Butler from To Live a Lie, and a former Earth First! Journal co-editor and contributor, MJ. This album was released through All We Know Records, an independent DIY label out of Miami, FL.

This limited-edition press of only 1,000 copies are each hand-numbered, and they’re going fast!

Track Listing

1. Masakari – XVI. Rapid Dominance
2. Autarkeia – Saving Seeds
3. Baker Acted – Hours That Never Add Up to Comfort
4. Oiltanker – Ends Meet
5. Recreant – Burn
6. Gattaca – Sešli Jsme z Cesty
7. ACXDC – Crux
8. Autarch – Shepherds
9. Landbridge – Manufacturing Greed
10. Closet Burner – Apathy
11. Torch Runner – Feeding
12. Deathrats – Crutch
13. Breag Naofa – II.
14. Black Hole of Calcutta – Cirrhosis
15. Cloud Rat – 6 Mile
16. Iskra – Machine Infernale
17. Sin Orden – Tierra Indigena
18. Oi Polloi – Doigh Eile
19. Adelit@s – Contra el Olvido
20. Rat Storm – Refuse to Be Silenced
21. Beartrap – Human Factory Farm
22. Cizaña – Bosque
23. Agathocles – It Is What It Is
24. Shadow Of The Destroyer-Dark Days
25. Appalachian Terror Unit – We Will Continue to Break the Law and Destroy Property Until We Win

To Order
Earth First! Journal
PO Box 964, Lake Worth, FL 33460

For more information, contact
Molly Jane:


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2013 Fracktivist Conference: Sept 13-15, Knoxville, TN

6 Aug

fracking-in-Wyomingfrom EarthRoot

The movement to end all forms of extreme energy extraction on this planet, wrest control from multinational corporations, and give the power back to the people is becoming something truly beautiful! It is an honor to be a part of it, as so MANY of us are.  We are rising! Please join us for another opportunity to combine struggles and strengthen our efforts.

The 2013 FRACKTIVIST CONFERENCE, a collaborative regional effort, is being organized by the TN Chapter of the Sierra Club along with a plethora of other awesome organizations (listed here). The conference will be taking place at the University of Tennessee in Knoxville from September 13-15. We will also be graciously hosted for most meals and sleeping arrangements by the Tennessee Valley Unitarian Universalist Church. (

From the frac sand mining impacted communities in WI and MN to the newly affected folks in GA and FL, the many issues related to hydraulic fracturing are affecting people all across this splendid country! We are all connected in this struggle.

Our intention for this conference is to educate folks about the variety of elements regarding this extraction process from frac sand mining to transportation to chemical proppants to drilling & storage to methane migration to burning and beyond. We will also have our victories and strategize about how to become a more effective movement to put an end to fossil foolishness!  We look forward to seeing you in Knoxville in September.  

For information on registration, schedules, workshops, contact and how to help, visit the Fracktivist Conference website.

Fierce Dreams Green Anarchist Gathering in Australia

2 Aug

fierce-dreams-flier1Fierce Dreams is a 3 day gathering that will be occurring from October 18th to 20th 2013 in the Blue Mountains, west of Sydney, Australia. The exact location will be decided closer to the date and published on this site. This event will be an anarchist encampment/autonomous zone aimed at breaking down the barrier civilisation puts between us all. Over the course of the gathering we hope to explore the wilderness around us and the wildness within ourselves. Through organising this event we hope to build stronger connections based on anti-civilisation theory, green anarchist philosophy and the practice of rewilding. As anarchists, we oppose domination and oppression against humans, nonhumans and the earth. We recognise the hierarchical nature and destructiveness inherent in civilised culture and wish to see its permanent end as soon as possible.

Our focus will be on methods to resist control in our everyday lives. We want to reduce our dependency on civ, and discuss possibilities for rewilding, no matter where you choose to live (urban, remote or in between). Together we will talk, weave, play music, gather, make fires, play games and explore ideas relating to a vision of life beyond mass society. We will work to undo the domestication that civilisation has strongly conditioned us to believe as ‘normal’. We aim to forge links between those of us who will not accept the damage inflicted by mass society and the empty promises of technology.

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2013 Fracktivist Conference in Tennessee

25 Jul


Fracktivist Conference Website



About Fracking in Tennessee:

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August 3rd: We Can Stop Climate Chaos

5 Jul


On August 3rd, in one of the largest climate justice protests in recent history, thousands of people will come together in a momentous West Coast mass action – “We Can Stop Climate Chaos” – to stand with the people of Richmond who are on the frontlines of our common fight for the health and safety of our workplaces and communities, and to declare our collective resistance to fossil fuels. 

As part of the action, hundreds of union and non-union workers together with members of worker centers and cooperatives will march as a Labor Contingent demanding UNION JOBS FOR LOCAL RESIDENTS IN THE CLEAN ENERGY ECONOMY and a just transition from dirty, harmful fossil fuels.

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Squatters in Manila Clash with Police over Gentrification Project

5 Jul
Squatters in Manila clash with police over gentrification project

from Libcom

Thousands of people living in slums in Manila have fought fierce battles with police, who are trying to evict them from their homes in order to make way for a multi-billion dollar project to turn the area into a new business district.

As police moved in to the 72 acre site, residents erected barricades, and fought back the police using rocks, nail bombs, and bags of faeces. The police repeatedly charged the barricades with batons and teargas, but without success.

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July 23-29: Cascadia Trans and Womyn’s Action Camp

3 Jul