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Swamp Line 9 Locks Down and Rallies After Receiving Injunction

25 Jun
At the front gate. #SwampLine9 #SovSummer #tarsands #pipelines #NoLine9 #IdleNoMore (at Enbridge Westover Station)

At the front gate. #SwampLine9 #SovSummer #tarsands #pipelines #NoLine9 #IdleNoMore (at Enbridge Westover Station)

After 5 days of stopping work on Line 9 at Enbridge’s Westover pump station, the Swamp Line 9 camp has been served an injunction. In response to this legal maneuvre by Enbridge, protestors on the site have locked themselves to the gates of the pump station. Other protestors are rallying across the street, in front of Enbridge’s Westover Terminal, to continue demanding that tar sands oil not be shipped through our communities. They invite their allies and the public to join them there this morning in solidarity. Continue reading

Earth First! Summer Solstice Newsletter Now Available

21 Jun


Welcome to the newest edition of the EF! Newsletter, Earth First! Newsletter #11: Litha 2013. This PDF contains compiled news events for the second quarter of this year. Earth First! News (EF!N) is a project of the Earth First! Journal with the intent of making EF! movement media more decentralized and easily accessible. We encourage people to copy and distribute this publication. Send it to prisoners, mail it to your anti-tech friends, cram bundles in exhaust pipes—whatever you can to get the word out there! Who’s ready for a fearless summer?

Riot Police Raid Gezi Gardens and Evict Treesits

14 Jun
Police removing tree-sitter.

Police removing tree-sitter.

from Bay Waters

As police in Turkey continue to try and remove people from Gezi Park in Istanbul, last night over 100 riot police raided the encampment at Fell and Laguna, arresting 7 people, removed tree sitters, and destroyed crops and structures. A seen in one video, one tree-sitter fell from their tree while being removed, although it is unclear if they have any serious injuries.

According to Liberate the Land, “Folks are gathering at Patricia’s Green on Octavia Street between Hayes Street and Fell Street now after a night time lightning raid by SFPD on #GeziGardens, the former site of Hayes Valley Farm on Oak and Laguna Streets, with guns drawn. Folks who just went through the raid and supporters need food, a kitchen, sleeping bags, banner making materials, paint, etc. Come gather with us today, meet up for a discussion at 6pm, and definitely plan to come here Friday at 6pm for a reconvergence. Let it build.”

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Test Drilling Disrupted at Penokee Hills Proposed Mining Site

14 Jun

The following is an anonymous communique from the June 11 action. Read below the communique to find out how you can get involved.

by some wild coyotes / Wisconsin Anarchy

Hurley Police and Iron County Sheriff’s Officers responded to the site after receiving a call from Iron County Sheriff Tony Furyk.  Credit Danielle Kaeding, WRNC

Hurley Police and Iron County Sheriff’s Officers responded to the site after receiving a call from Iron County Sheriff Tony Furyk. Credit Danielle Kaeding, WRNC

On Tuesday, June 11th, some wild ones awoke to the sound of a drill rig and flatbed trucks driving up the ridge of the Penokee Hills in the Northwoods of Wisconsin. Idea Drilling LLC were attempting to drill the first of eight core samples that would be used to determine the quality and quantity of iron ore in a 22-mile long stretch of the Penokee Hills, slated for open-pit mining destruction by Gogebic Taconite. Forty percent of Lake Superior’s wetlands lie downstream from the Penokee Hills, as does the Bad River Ojibwe Reservation, whose members depend on healthy waterways for their wild rice and fish. Surely, the amount of waste rock present in this type of mining would result in sulfides and heavy metal pollutants being exposed to these precious waterways downstream and would change the land that human and non-human lives depend on for survival forever. Making the preliminary stages of this mine as expensive as possible to send a clear message to financiers that this is an extremely risky investment is one strategy that was being pursued in the following action.

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4th Annual Tar Sands Healing Walk

13 Jun


A Different Way to Protect our Land, Air, Water and Climate from Tar Sands Expansion

The tar sands are growing out of control, destroying the climate for all Canadians and poisoning the water of everyone living downstream.

On July 5th and 6th, people will come together from coast to coast to join First Nations and Metis in the Healing Walk, a gathering focused on healing the environment and the people who are suffering from tar sands expansion.

Let’s call on the Alberta and Canadian governments to stop the reckless mismanagement of these resources. We need our governments to work with First Nations and bring people together to make wise choices about stewarding the land in ways that are sustainable and fair.

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2013 Earth First! Round River Rendezvous in North Carolina July 1-8th

7 Jun


The Round River Rendezvous is the annual gathering of the Earth First! Movement.  Each Summer, this week-long camp-out attracts several hundred Earth First!ers from around the world. The gathering is coordinated by a volunteer committee and includes workshops, campaign discussions, campfire music and a rally with performers and speakers. Perhaps the most important part of the Round River Rendezvous is the informal networking that goes on.  These gatherings are particularly important for developing a cohesive activist network and planning actions on a local level.

We are thrilled to announce that Croatan Earth First! will be hosting next summer’s rendezvous in central North Carolina.  The exact location to be announced close to the week of the event. The spot we are choosing should have swimming holes and beautiful woods to hike in.  As for new content, we’ll be offering more earth skills, plant/mushroom identification, and ecospirituality workshops to the this year’s gathering as well as medic trainings. We’re looking for folks to host workshops, and to submit ideas for workshops/panels they’d like to see.

If you have access to money please consider donating to our wepay.  If you need to contact us regarding the rendezvous, email or

Please see this site for more information including tentative schedule, anti-oppression statement and guidelines: 

Help us promote in your town, downloadable posters here

Planned Trainings & Workhops Include:

Earth Skills track planned every day which may include wild & edible plants and medicines, foraging, firemaking, permaculture & gardening, homesteading, mushroom cultivation and foraging, tree identification.

Street Medic Training (please rsvp to 20 hrs

Tree Climbing all day every day, building tree structures, & monopods

Ecospirituality Workshops & The Work That Reconnects, Creating Resilient Communities Despite Trauma

Panels on Biocentrism, Animal Rights & EF!, Nuclear Issues in the Southeast, Uniting Anti-Extraction Movements

Updates from Tar Sands Blockade and Buffalo Field Campaign

Earth First! Mechanics Guild teaches you how to fix your car and how to use cars in other ways as well as dismantling them in case of the Zombie Apocalypse

Music, dancing, poetry and performances encouraged and planned

Security Culture Workshops & Internet Security Discussions

Direct Action & Blockades Trainings (of course!)

Media Laiason & Police Laiason Trainings

Anti-Oppression Trainings and how to integrate it into your work locally

Discussions on decolonizing our movements

Radical Mental Health

What is Earth First!? for  welcomed newcomers

Mixed Martial Arts Self Defense

Mock Arrests and Extraction Exercises

Debunking The Technofix

Supporting Ecoprisoners

Fun, friends, and winning …hope to see you there!

Left Forum, Solidarity March for Jeremy Hammond and Gerald Koch

6 Jun

from The Sparrow Project


New York, NY – As Friday night’s plenary at the Left Forum at NYC’s Pace University comes to a close activists will gather outside at 9:15pm for a march to the Metropolitan Correctional Center (MCC) to protest the unjust and politically motivated detentions of activists Jeremy Hammond & Gerald Koch, and to create a boisterous show [of] solidarity for all political prisoners housed at the MCC.

This action is part of three days of events to run in conjunction with the annual Left Forum. Speakers at this years forum include Oliver Stone, Jill Stein and Noam Chomsky. A list of forum events supporting Jeremy Hammond is posted below.

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Decolonizing Wild Roots Feral Futures

28 May


Wild Roots Feral Futures, as an event, takes place on stolen indigenous land. In recognition of this truth, we would like to build relationships with those whose occupied land Wild Roots Feral Futures 2013 occurs on. In this spirit, we would like to reach out to indigenous communities in our area to establish direct lines of communication and extend an invitation to join us at the event in June. We recognize that protocol varies from community to community and Nation to Nation, and we feel that a good first step on our part is to simply reach out and establish contact, as we are doing now. Although we do not expect to have our hands held for us, any contacts and/or guidance regarding specific appropriate protocol would be greatly appreciated. Thank you! Feel free to contact us at

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Registration Open for 4th Annual Unis’to’ten Action Camp

26 May

The date for the Action Camp is set!!! Get a pen and paper (or smart phone) JULY 10, 2013 until JULY 14th, 2013. You will not want to miss out on this year’s camp as we are expecting much much much more people than ever!!! Please go to the Victoria Forest Action Network site

to register to attend this year’s camp. We are working on getting all of the most amazing people here this year and are already developing more progressive workshops that will make you want to do everything we are doing to create a just world that our children will be proud of.

Members of the Wet’suwe’ten First Nation are turning away pipeline workers and surveyors trying to start work on the pipelines. The intruders have been warned about trespassing on unceded land. The Unis’tot’en people are supported by their neighbours in the Likhts’amisyu Clan, the Gidem’ten Clan and other indigenous and non-indigenous allies.

For more information on their struggle –

Gathering Honoring the Resistance at Big Mountain / Black Mesa Needs Your Support

21 May

Cross Posted from Rocket Hub and Black Mesa Indigenous Support


UPDATE: Our original post did not make it clear that this is an invite-only event and closed at this point. The gathering is seeking support from individuals and organizations. How you can support:

Because this exciting gathering differs from other BMIS gatherings and the participants have already been determined, there are other ways for the BMIS supporter network to plug in and support. This is an opportunity to move your resources, as folks who have had the rich experience of spending time with the on-land resistance communities, to enable folks from other frontline resistance movements to connect to the 40 year-long struggle for self-determination on Black Mesa/Big Mountain. We are asking for your financial support to help fund travel for the various organizations who will attend…Checks made payable to “Black Mesa Indigenous Support” with “Organization-based Gathering” in memo line.

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