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“UNC Dildo-Boy” accosts homophobic preacher, releases anti-technology declaration

1 Mar

Protestor heckles Pit Preacher



By Danny Nett
Protester's self publicized picture on Facebook account.

Protester’s self publicized picture on Facebook account.


An unidentified man who went head-to-head with the controversial Pit Preacher Gary Birdsong faced a warning from the Department of Public Safety’s penal system Tuesday.


The shirtless individual – whose student status could not be confirmed — had a homosexual slur painted on his chest and a dildo sticking out of his pants. He approached Birdsong and simulated masturbation while waving the sex toy at the preacher.


When someone reported the incident to the Student Union, the demonstrator was taken into the Union. Student employees stood with him until DPS arrived to trespass him from campus.


“I think normally we would say, ‘Okay, you’re both going to exercise your right to free speech,’ until such time that somebody seems to think something is out of control,” said Joe Singer, senior associate director of events management at the Student Union.


“Our office is supposed to be content-neutral. Our role is to provide the space to speak.”


Posting on Facebook under the name “Unc DildoBoy,” the demonstrator stated his actions were not made as an attack on Birdsong or anti-gay sentiments, but on a technologically driven, post-industrial civilization. The individual did not give a real name to be interviewed.


While he refused to speak on the record, he posted a letter explaining his actions on the Facebook page.


“Because of the total penetration of mass media, humans on YouTube or Facebook, or people who are TV stars or politicians are put in a situation we humans are simply incapable of dealing with,” he wrote.


DPS spokesman Randy Young said if a person on campus is engaged in a situation or activity that could be considered provocative, results in harm to anyone or interferes with operations of the University or another person’s free speech, DPS may get involved. It is then at the discretion of the responding officers whether the disruptive individual is removed from a specific area like the Pit or from campus entirely, he said.


Cathy Packer, a professor who specializes in media law, said legally the Pit falls under what is considered a dedicated or limited forum. That means UNC, as a public university, can limit the forum for certain topics or speakers as long as it does not favor one viewpoint over another.


Packer said although she wholeheartedly disagrees with what the demonstrator did, she supports his First Amendment rights. She said his actions would not fall under a judicial definition of obscenity, but that it is irrelevant if he was removed for trespassing.


“My view about all of that is that the reason people come to Carolina is to see and hear things they didn’t hear at home,” Packer said.


“You go to Carolina and see some of what the rest of the world looks like and all the opinions other people have that your parents didn’t have.”

Explanations of the Actions of Dildo Boy

Spark of Wildness Website

Facebook Account

Shh! That Zookeeper Is a Total *&^%#!

5 Dec

by the Center for Biological Diversitycottontop

In New York City’s Central Park Zoo, a group of cotton-top tamarins — cute, social, squirrel-sized monkeys — has been caught whispering in the presence of zoo staff they do not like.

According to a new study published in the journal Zoo Biology, researchers have discovered in these tamarins the first example of whispering by nonhuman primates. While investigating the monkeys’ human-directed mobbing calls, whereby the tamarins attempt to confuse would-be predators with loud cries, researchers noticed that the monkeys actually lowered the amplitude of their vocalizations in the presence of one particular zookeeper.

Turns out the zookeeper had been involved in the tamarins’ capture and had also taken part in medical procedures involving the animals. And while the researchers weren’t able to explain just exactly what the monkeys were communicating under their breath in the staffer’s presence, it’s worth noting that every revolution begins with conspiratorial whispers.

David Hasselhoff Crabs Face Extinction

25 Jun

by Russ McSpadden / Earth First! News

crabsYou may think this is a joke but it isn’t. The hairy-chested Yeti crab, nicknamed the “Hoff” by deep-sea scientists for its resemblance to the luscious body hair of David Hasselhoff, could very well fall into the oblivion of extinction due to warming oceans caused by climate change.

The Hoff was first discovered in 2009 hanging out around hydrothermal vents deep beneath the Indian and Arctic oceans where water temperatures can reach 716 degrees Fahrenheit. The vents spew noxious and acidic chemicals, heavy metals and hydrogen sulfide.

One might think the Hoff could then survival a dozen degrees of temperature change but, according to a recent report published in the Proceedings of the Royal Society B, as the ocean warms, the ability of oxygen-rich surface water to mix with deep ocean waters is diminished, reducing the oxygen levels in the deep sea, which will likely result in mass extinctions for many of the creatures that live within the precarious ecology of deep sea vents.

Continue reading

Man Arrested for Spear Hunting a Car

20 Jun

by Earth First! Newswire

Jeffrey Jones (credit: Sacramento P.D.)

Jeffrey Jones (credit: Sacramento P.D.)

According to Sacramento police reports a man was arrested Tuesday night for hunting a car with a spear.

Jeffrey Jones, 56 was seen by witnesses in the road, stalling traffic, at Auburn Boulevard and Annadale Lane in Sacramento, when, according to police, he threw a spear at a passing vehicle, making a direct hit. The spear struck and lodged in the vehicle.

Jones was arrested for assault with a deadly weapon.

His spear was booked as evidence.

The revolution, according to several anarcho-primativist witnesses, is nigh. Time to sharpen those spears and purchase that car hunting permit, which comes complimentary with a subscription to the Earth First! Journal.

Computer Eating Ants Could Cripple NSA Surveillance

13 Jun

An invading population of these little luddite ants at the no-longer-very-secret NSA data warehouse in Utah would strike a crippling blow to the surveillance-state.


by Russ McSpadden / Earth First! Newswire

Nylanderia fulva, also named the raspberry ant after Tom Raspberry, the exterminator who first discovered them in Houston back in ’02, is an invasive ant species from Argentina and Brazil currently wrecking holy hell on computer systems, invasive red ant populations and native ecosystems across the U.S. South.

Since they were first spotted, raspberry ants, which are also called crazy ants because or their erractic, nonlinear movements, have spread to over 21 counties in Texas, 20 counties in Florida and several locations in Mississippi and Louisiana where they have caused more than $146.5 million dollars in damages to computer and electrical equipment in Texas alone. Its an odd thing, raspberry ants seem to have a yet unexplained suicidal hunger or perhaps hatred for computers. The cyber-sabotage occurs when a lone raspberry ant finds its way to a transformer and gets electrocuted. The ant fries but the electricity causes it to wave its abdomen about secreting a scent that lures other nearby ant scouts to the transformer. They too are electrocuted, increasing the fecundity of the scent that now wafts far and wide bringing a swarm of ants from the colony. They fry too. In time, so many ant bodies pile up that the insulation fries, the transformer overheats and blows, mechanical failure sets in and the system shuts the fuck down.  Oh yeah, and those toxic insecticides used to kill red ants have little to no effect on raspberry ants. Continue reading

Wolves, Obama and the Hunter S. Thompsonian Apocalypse You Smelled Coming

7 Jun

ef_news_by Eldridge Hambone / Earth First! News

Today the Obama Administration yanked Endangered Species Act protections from wolves in the lower 48. Add this to his government’s increased use of domestic surveillance, killer drones, his support of fracking, his connections to the financial elite, attacks on journalists, the near improbability that he will do anything about the Keystone XL pipeline and his stupid shit eating grin all-the-while and you’ve got a real classy electoral tyrant up there with Andrew Jackson, Nixon and good ole GW.

Ever find yourself wondering what Hunter S. Thompson, were he still alive, might say about Obama in his own eloquent way? Perhaps this:

original_gonzo“He is a foul caricature of himself, a man with little soul, no inner convictions, with the integrity of a real estate agent and the style of a poison toad. The ugly fallout from the American Dream has been coming down on us at a pretty consistent rate since Sitting Bull’s time-and the only real difference now that Obama is president is that we seem to be on the verge of ratifying the fallout and forgetting the Dream itself.  How much more of this cheap-jack bullshit can we be expected to take? Richard Nixon looks like a flaming fractivist today, compared to a golem like Obama. Indeed. Where is Richard Nixon now that we finally need him?

And so who now believes in that rash inducing figure of hope and change? The only ones left with any confidence at all are the New Dumb. It is the beginning of the end of our world as we knew it. Doom is the operative ethic.”

Whiny Right Wing Movie Review: Occupy, Eco-Anarchists and Thieves Take Over Hollywood

4 Jun

julia_SeymourEarth First! Newswire

(The following film review,  from a tired Right Wing media source, claims that the Occupy Wall Street Movement has left the streets for the big screen and that the eco-terrorists have now taken over Hollywood. It was written by a right-wing editor named Julie Seymour. This review does not represent the views of the Earth First! Journal. We’ve been known to support eco-sabotage, including, but to a lesser degree, the fictional kind like that carried out by Alexander Skarsgard in the film the East. The review is reposted here for your pleasure.)


by Julia Seymour /Right Side News

Occupy Wall Street and the class warfare diatribes of the 99 percent are making fewer national headlines, but their ideas are crowding movie theaters this month. Three May 2013 releases all call to mind the Zuccotti Park crowd’s grievances against capitalism, two in very violent and extreme ways.

Socialist cries for a “more equal economy” or college education as a “human right” were just a couple of the complaints of OWS. Calling for “revolution,” they also raged against “illegal foreclosures,” bailouts and bonuses, a “poisoned” food supply, outsourcing and more. All while the networks and national newspapers lauded them as the “protest of this current era.” Many wealthy celebrities also embraced the movement, touring Zuccotti Park and expressing support. According to the OWS website, on June 1, 2013, they planned to reoccupy Zuccotti Park and “take a militant stand against the NYPD to assert our right to exist in public spaces (nonviolently of course).

Given celebrities’ enthusiasm for the occupy movement, it comes as no surprise that the anti-business sentiments of the OWS crowd are now on the big screen. The May 10 release, “Assault on Wall Street” was a murderous “revenge fantasy” from Uwe Boll and Phase 4 Films. “The East” is a movie about a spy who infiltrates a band of eco-anarchists who target corporations in retaliation for their “crimes.” It is scheduled for limited release May 31, going national June 7. Co-writer and star Brit Marling admitted in a TV interview that her film is related to the Occupy Wall Street movement. Continue reading

Oh Damn, Chuck Norris Fights Monsanto and GMO Crops

3 Jun
Better watch out Monsanto!

Better watch out Monsanto, the Golden Haired Dragon has his sights on you!

by Russ McSpadden / Earth First! News

Ok, weird but true: Say you wanted to know real, real bad what ole Chuck Norris, the black belt actor that once fought Bruce Lee, thinks about genetically modified foods. You can actually just ask him. That’s right, you canwrite to Chuck Norris with your questions about health and fitness.” Some guy named Tobias D. from California raised the question with Chuck thusly:

Chuck, did you hear about the 2 million people who marched around the world against genetically modified foods? And what’s the truth about genetically modified organisms, seeds and crops?

And I’ll be damned if Chuck (despite being a Republican hack from time to time) didn’t give it some thorough thought and a pretty darned decent response condemning GMOs, which you can read below.  But first, a few gratuitous Chuck Norris facts. Continue reading

Just a Timelapse Toon on “Man” and the Industrial Nightmare

1 Jun

Follow “Man” beginning 500,000 years ago, through his discovery of nature, snake skin boots, fried chicken, classical music, biotechnology, factory farming, rush hour traffic, all the way into his cozy seat at the glorious throne of a boring and dead planet.

Oh Damn, German Beer Threatened by Fracking

27 May

by Russ McSpadden / Earth First! Newswire

Does this beer taste like it has several hundred undisclosed chemicals belonging to Halliburton in it?

Dude, does this beer taste like it has several hundred undisclosed chemicals belonging to Halliburton in it?

There’s just something unsettling about a beer turned bitter from too many hops and, um,  poisoned by poly-nuclear-aromatic-hydrocarbons. Wait, better forget that last ingredient, which is a proprietary fracking chemical owned by Halliburton. The Earth First! Journal just can’t afford to get sued.

A growing coalition of German brewers, invoking the power and sanctity of that country’s beer purity law of 1516, which only allows simple and pure ingredients in beer, are trumpeting the warning call over fracking. They say the extraction of shale gas in Deutschland will contaminate the water they use to craft their yeasty beverages. Continue reading